Sunday, November 06, 2005

Morning Hike

Morning Hike
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I've taken this weekend fairly easy and it has been really nice. I have spent a fair amount of time lounging about, but each day I also got a little something done. For instance, I am all caught up on my filing (after this I will start my Quicken entries which are sure to take several days to finish) and I even put some of my clutter away.

One of the highlights this weekend was the hike I took with my friend. We have been trying to get together for a while but our trip schedules and normal life have made that a little difficult. I've also been wanting to try this hike for a while too, but I was a bit scared of it. She said the first time she did it was when she was with her friend who used to do marathons and that she would have turned around if it hadn't been for her friend. Well, I'm no marathon runner and my friend is definitely in better shape than I am. But, I told myself if she can do this hike 7 months pregnant, surely I can do it too!

We went on the Cowles Mountain hike to the summit. This area is part of the Mission Trails Regional Park in San Diego. It's a beautiful area that really features the local plants and animals, and always amazes me how close I am to such a large open and mostly undisturbed area. Anyway, it was a great hike and because we talked all the way up, I wasn't paying attention to how steep anything was or how far up we were getting. It ended up taking about an hour and 15 minutes to go up and down (with the down obviously being much faster). I highly recommend this hike for anyone, besides if 2 toy poodles can make it up and down, so can you.

I spent the rest of the afternoon on a bit of LYS hop. I've been wanting to check out Knitting in La Jolla for a while and finally made it over there Friday afternoon. The place was totally cute and had some super nice girls working there. My main purpose of going was to see if someone could recommend a good reference book for color work since SnB is very light on the subject. When I mentioned that I was working on the WGS, everyone went - oh! I love that bag! Which made me smile. They even told me I should bring it back to show them when I was done. I just wish the place was a little bigger so it could offer more of a place to hang out in - I probably would have stayed all day. So far, my favorite place for a good hanging out vibe in San Diego has been the Grove. Most of the other stores are either fairly crowded or don't offer places to work.

After I left La Jolla I ran by the LYS in Mission Valley to pick up a set of dpns for my SP6 spoilee. That shop had the most wonderful smell of baking cake coming through the walls. Truly heavenly! I wonder if the yarn you buy from them still smells like cake once you bring it home?

Well, I hope you noticed that throughout my LYScapade, I didn't buy one thing! The shop in La Jolla did have some great 1/2 off deals. And I almost bought a couple different things, but I kept thinking about that Freedom Wool. So, I made it home with my checking accound intact.

Which reminds me - if you haven't put your two cents in about my pattern dilmema, please do - I would love to hear everyone's opinion. Hope everyone had a great weekend and isn't suffering too much from the Sunday afternoon blues.

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Nasus said...

That view looks quite familiar...I did that hike over a month ago with somebody who is 5'10" and just hiked Mt. Whitney (my legs had to move fast to catch up!) I was completely out of breath - I think we did that hike in about 45 minutes.

BTW, I finally got my Denise needles at the LYS in Mission Valley. Unfortunately, Kona Kakes must have closed down for the day because I didn't smell any baking.