Friday, November 04, 2005

Serious Problem

Yesterday after spending the majority of the a.m. sleeping (yes, I played hookie after a particular poopy day the day before - feeling much better by the way), I was contemplating getting some knitting done. I was fingering the 2 inch piece of the WGS back and complaining to B that I had to knit approximately 24 more inches of this before I could get on with the rest of it. He said - there's your problem right there. And I said - what? B said - you don't HAVE to knit anything. I said - but I do. it doesn't feel right if I don't. After comparing my knitting with his pool playing, we both agreed that we each had serious compulsions that would never make us millions of dollars but that now preoccupied a large portion of our time.

To further prove that knitting has transformed itself from something that I enjoy to something that I HAVE to do: I saw Julia's post yesterday (where she teased me by showing one of my favorite patterns in some of the most incredible yarn I have ever seen - Twilley's Freedom Wool) and I spent a good portion of the evening figuring out where I could buy that yarn and what I could make with it. Don't get me wrong. I have no place to store this yarn. I technically shouldn't even be buying this yarn right now. But it was all I could do to keep my credit card in the other room safely stowed within my wallet (- online shopping will be the death of me). So, in planning a future yarn purchase, I think I have narrowed my project selection down to these two:

1) Glampyre's Bulky Cabled Sweater.

2) Twilley's Cardigan with Toggle Fasteners.

Neither pattern calls for a ton of yarn, plus each ball isn't really all that expensive and I have found a couple places in the states that sell it.

But then there is also this one: Twilley's Jacket with Loop Stitch Trim. This one calls for a bit more yarn, but I have been in love with loop trim jackets (as both of my girls can attest to) for a while and this one would solve a serious pattern craving and yarn craving in one swift kick. It's actually really wierd I like patterns like this because I am not a very floofy person. But I just love the idea of having big loopy cuffs and a big loopy neck line. It must be my deeply buried inner princess showing her pretty, perfectly make-uped and coiffed head.

I would love some feedback on these patterns to help me narrow my choice. So when the time is right, I can jump on it. After all, I am a planner at heart.


Elocin said...

Hey there! I vote for the loop stitch trim jacket. Now, I do not know the technical difficulty of a piece like this being a wannabe knitter (I going to start I promise) but it seems like this one is your favorite.

Julia said...

Oooops. I may have enabled. Just remember that I'm crazy and I buy too much yarn. Do as I say, not as I do!

That said, I vote for the Glampyre sweater. It's the perfect venue for that yarn in the moorland colorway. Plus it's a classic shape - you'll wear it forever.


Anonymous said...

I have to go with the cabled sweater as well. It's a pretty pattern and will be good practice for the Eris sweater (which I'm dying to see). Plus, we can go on another button hunt. :)


Nasus said...

I was personally thinking of making the cabled sweater myself :)

The Stitchin' Sheep said...

I kind of vote (I'm so wishy-washy, huh?) for the toggle one, because I picture you in it (and you'd look good in it), but it doesn't seem to offer any new challenges that you could learn from and improve your knitting, which I'm all for. So, I'm just not sure. If not that one, I'd go for the cable sweater. That one's nice, too. Wishy-washy, I told you.

Nonnahs said...

I'm also not much help. I love Glampyre's sweater, but I also know how much you've been eyeing the foofy-collared sweater thing, so...the good news is, you can always do both!