Friday, December 23, 2005


That's right folks, just a couple more days left. Is your knitting done? Is it close? I know it will work out. It always does or else we wouldn't do this.

Anyhoo, I can't complain. I didn't have all that much Christmas knitting this year and I have one completed Grandma's Neck Cozy fresh off the needles for your viewing pleasure.

I think it came out really cute and I can totally picture her wearing it. It only took less than 1 ball of koigu on size 4 needles (one size smaller than called for in the pattern just because that's what I had and its a neck cosy for pete's sake) and it looks just like the pattern picture (always a plus for me ;-) I did most of the knitting - pretty much the entire second half - while watching a movie the other night. (Finally, saw My Own Private Idaho. Oh, River. I didn't realize how much I missed you.)

You can get this pattern for free when you buy a hank of Koigu through Patternworks. I got mine from my SP5 secret pal, but I have since seen the offer in the patternworks catalog. I loved the pattern stitch for the main body part of the cozy and can totally picture incorporating it into socks - once I know what I am doing in that department. And can I just say: koigu, wow! I love this stuff and the rapid color changes are enough to keep any ADD knitter happy. I look forward to working with many more balls of koigu.

And because she is really that cute and because she couldn't believe I was home in the middle of the afternoon during the week, one picture of a hyper pooper:

She won't know what hit her when I don't go to work next week :-)


Mouse said...

If by "done" with my holiday knitting you mean.. "completely given up and made do with what's completed" then yeah.. I'm done. Cute neckwarmer.. I agree that gauge is sorta silly on a scarf pattern. I've never actually seen that River Phoenix movie because seeing him makes me sad he's gone.

Nonnahs said...

Grandma's neck cozy (insert song here) looks great! I'm sure she'll love it!

knitzalot said...

That neck cozy is really cute! I'm sure grandma will love it. Yes, I did finish all of my Christmas knitting. Nothing like taking it right down to the wire to get the adrenaline pumping.