Friday, December 16, 2005

Mr. Hanky

I had a rather strange experience this afternoon, I returned home after going out with B for lunch. I was temped to nap (again), but realized that if I took a few minutes, I could get a package together that is bound for Australia (wink, wink, Nyl) and get it to the post office before the after-work holiday rush. So, I set out to accomplish just that. I did my normal things when I first get home (put my stuff down, walk over to Jenny on the couch and rub her belly, let her outside to go potty) and I gathered up the items for the aforementioned package.

When I went over by the closet to get a box, I smelled something. I looked around but couldn't find the source of the smell. I thought that maybe it was the cardboard boxes - you know how they can smell kinda gross sometimes? - and went about my business (boxed up the 'items', went into the office and wrote out the addresses, taped up the box and walked it back into the living room). I went to the post office and noticed that I could smell the smell in the car. I looked over at the box on the seat with wonder as to what could make cardboard so stinky. I dropped off the box and got back in the car. The smell was still there! Boy, what the heck?

Now that I was back at home, I was going to start a candy project for office gifts. My mother-in-law called and as I was talking to her, I could smell the smell! I started to think I was going crazy. There was nothing on the floor. Was it me? I had showered this morning, but I guess you never know. Then I realized, what if the smelly something was on me?

And that my friends is when I picked up my foot and looked at the bottom of my shoe. Apparently, at some point during the lunch expedition, I had stepped in poop. Then I remembered everything I had done since I started smelling the poop. As I walked back into the dining room/living room, I could see poop spots all over the carpet! OMG!!! There was literally a recreation of my afternoon on the carpet, step by step. The carpet in this place is already trashed - hence the reason we don't worry about taking our shoes off when we get home - but now? I just kept repeating - Oh, no! Oh, no! My house looks like we had a visit from the Christmas Poo himself!

So now that I am done spot cleaning the carpet, I am thinking that after nearly 5 years, it may finally be time to move.


Mouse said...

eeeeewwww!! which is why I always take my shoes off upon entering my house.. the bottoms of shoes are just gross... especially after a visit from Mr. Hanky. lol

The Stitchin' Sheep said...

No need to move. Just convince your landlord that the carpet in its current condition (hasn't been changed in the five years you've lived there, I'll bet) is a health hazard for your husband's allergy problems and needs to be changed. That could be something to look into (maybe convince them wood flooring would be longer-lasting). You never know if it'll work till you try it.