Saturday, December 17, 2005

Pattern Haul

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Last weekend at my office Christmas party I had the good fortune of winning a gift card to Borders. Basically everyone in the office won (pronounced "Juan") a gift card for the same amount, but for vastly different places. I felt like I scored with the Borders card because there are so many knitting books I want and hardly ever justify buying.

So, while Nonnahs was in town on Thursday/Friday, we trekked over to the Borders as soon as it opened on Friday morning. I was able to score a couple of the books that have been on my wish list for more than a year as well as a couple of the new magazines. I then spent the evening with a cup of tea leisurely going through the books. I had to enter a trance-like state in order look through the books without planning on making everything I saw. So, now I feel like I have some good sources of ideas, but I don't have a list a mile long of Next Projects.

Also, I wanted to take this time to acknowledge the wonderful time I had Thursday night with my girls at dinner. It was so good to be all together again and catch up. Gift giving has definitely gotten easier between us. All of this years' gifts are knitting related. (Thanks again girls!) They haven't received their's from me yet, but I doubt they expected anything different.

(P.S. Three cheers for Nasus who just finished another semester of law school - yippy! She can knit again!)


Mouse said...

Nice haul! Be forwarned though that both books (Last minute knitted gifts & weekend knitting) are chocked full of mistake ridden patterns - check the errata online before beginning anything so you don't tear your hair out (especially the "childs placket necked pullover"..ask me how I know). Weekend Knitting is one of my favorite knitting books to just page through for inspiration. Have fun!

Nonnahs said...

I haven't even perused through any of my Borders bootie yet. Maybe tonight, since I've finished Round One of baking. I won (not pronouned "one") a gift card to Home Depot...not as helpful in theknitting dept, but B and I will be able to use it nonetheless.

LOVED getting together on Thursday night! It was the best way I could think of to kick off my holidays!

Hip hip hooray to Nasus! :)

Nasus said...

You girls are the best! It was SO good to see you both this week and just catch up. My goal: to finish my Kyoto before school starts again (this is very sad, but I forgot the name of my sweater! Tuscan Sunset[rise]?) Yeah, I know, sad...