Thursday, December 01, 2005

My Big Fat Gray Sweater

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I am finally seeing some progress on my chunky, burly, big, fat, yada, yada sweater. This, after many, many rounds of counting and recounting, forgetting to increase and then remembering, undoing and know the drill. I am finding that knitting for me sometimes really should be a two-person job. The one me cannot always be relied upon to knit correctly. However, like I said, I am finally seeing the sweater, which I think shall be named Carmen, start to take shape. Yippee! To bring us up to date on this continuing saga, I'll go back to the love for charcoal gray sweaters. I don't know what it is about them, but something about a nice, warm charcoal gray sweater in the winter is just very comforting to me. So when I started on this knitting hobby - strike that - obsession, and further, my sweater preoccupation, I have been wanting to knit up a simple, basic, chunky sweater for myself this year. I decided on the Weekend Neckdown Pullover from Knitting Pure and Simple and Brown Sheep Burly Spun in, what else, a dark charcoal color. So without further ado, here is a WIP-pic of Carmen. Since the photo was taken, I have made more progress on the body, but was too tired (lazy) to snap another photo, so this is all the glimpse you get for now. I'm really happy about the way it's turning out so far...


Disentangled said...

Yay!!! It looks great :-)

Hay - I think I have seen somehing that looks just like that in Brass Plumb. ;-)

Julia said...

Looks great! Hope you had a great holiday. Talk to you soon! xox,