Friday, December 02, 2005

Yarn Day

Uruguay wool
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Yesterday was a good day. I ventured over to the Grove for the Knit Salon and stayed the whole time! I met some great girls (even another blogger :-) and had a great time. Despite being in a social environment and my lace ADD, I got all the repeats for the first half of my lace scarf done. I also made some major progress on my Not-so-Chinese Charm Bag. After getting it out again earlier in the week (it's my current mindless knit), I was rethinking my yarn choice. Really, I don't LOVE this yarn, but it was about the right gauge and was on sale. But, after seeing about 5 inches of it knit up, I am really starting to like it. Since this is really a quick knit, I'm sure I will have a FO picture to post soon. I am also diligently knitting away on my sock, so I think I will be close to the heel turning lesson soon.

After leaving the knit salon (at after 9:00pm!), hungry, I ran home (take-out Chinese in hand) and found this waiting for me! My SP6 Secret Pal sent me some great wool that she ordered straight from Uruguay. I let out an audible exclamation of joy when I openned up the box which actually got the attention of my online gaming husband. He was like - are you ok? And I said - look at what I got! To which he replied - nerd :-) She also sent me a needle case, which is perfect because I was just trying to figure out how to manage my growing number of circulars and dpns. So, thank you Secret Pal, you did awesome!

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knitzalot said...

So, you have an on-line gaming husband too, huh? When I got home last night, mine was playing a game on his laptop. By the way, I left a comment on your previous post...I'm not sure if you saw it or not.