Saturday, December 31, 2005

Scary Monster

It's show and tell time. I hat picked up a Monster Hat kit from Insubordiknit about a month ago but hat to put it on hold while I did a bit of Christmas knitting.
But it was the first thing I picked up to work on once I was done with those projects. I played around with different things to make with this yarn and for a while I was going to make a monster scarf. But after playing with gauge swatches and actually making a super long large gauge scarf, I realized it just wouldn't handle the monster patch well enough. This yarn is such a work of art, I felt I had to stay true and use the patch with the yarn. Besides, I love Subtle Stuble!

I went back to thinking about a hat again, but was hesitant to make a beanie style hat because I don't like the way I look in them. All of my hair disappears! And I am still harboring insecurities about looking like a boy. I'm far from a girly girl, but I was mistaken too many times for a boy growing up for me to be heathy about it. All I can do is blame it on the 70's. Plus, my hair is magic hair - it immediately takes on the shape of anything you do to it for the rest of the day. So, in the 10 minutes I would wear a full hat, I would have hat head the rest of the day.

It was at this point that I happened across the Shocking Pink Coif from Knitty. I thought - perfect. Enough of my hair still shows. Plus, living in San Diego, it rarely gets cold enough to need a full head hat. When it does, a coif style hat would avoid the magic hair phenomenon, by not mashing my hair to bits while I wear it, but still keep my ears warm.

So here's my Subtle Stubble Monster Coif in all it's glory:

Plus, there was enough yarn left over to make a cool little cravat scarf.

Please check out the Monster Hat kits and other fun goodies Jacey makes over at Insubordiknit. Each ball of yarn she spins tells a story and her monster hats are awesome. She updates her site with new offerings each Sunday, so if she's sold out, just check back. Plus, it looks like kpixie is carrying her yarn now too!

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