Thursday, December 29, 2005

Dinner and a Movie

In an effort to revitalize me a little bit, B took me out on a date night last night. We tried this really cute Russian/Georgian restaurant that he walks past every Tuesday for his tournament. It's called Pomagranate and the food was sooooo good. I had never had real Russian food before and didn't know what to expect at all. The spices weren't out of the ordinary, but they were in different combinations than I hadn't tasted before. They had a fun salad sampler appetizer plate that allowed us to try 6 different traditional salads. Because they ranged in richness, the waitress suggested the order to eat them in! For dinner, I got something called the Georgian Eagle (the Russian name escapes me at the momment, but it started with a K), which was an amazingly tender chichen quarter in a yummy gravy they called a casserole. It came with little cubed and seasoned potatoes and a rice pilaf. B got a cutlet that was really like a somewhat flattened beef and lamb meatball. We really enjoyed everything except for the rice pilaf. There was a spice in it that gave it a strange aftertaste that neither of us cared for. Fresh dill was used in almost everything (a very underrated herb in cooking here, I think) and a surprising amount of fresh cilantro (one of my favorites). I kept thinking as we tried everything that my sister-in-law would love it and Pomagranate is on the list of places to take her next time she comes to visit. The atmosphere was also great. It was simple, but cozy, yet artsy and fun. They had some great music playing and apparently they had no problem with you writing on the walls. I think one of my favorite parts was when the waitress brought the red wine I ordered. She put the tumbler of wine down and and said - Chilean wine, but Russian size.

After that we headed over to see King Kong. I wanted to see it, but was a little scared about how realistic the ape was going to be, especially knowing how it was going to end. Fortunately, it was touching and devistating, but held to the style of something they would have shown in the thirties. I should have known that Peter Jackson wouldn't have given in to modern day over-the-top gore for gore's sake. I have a special affection for our primate cousins and find brutality toward them particularly distressing. I saw a Instict a few years ago and was litterally sobbing uncontrollably - another reason I prefer to watch movies in the comfort of my own home rather than at the movie theater. Anyway, I digress. King Kong was great. You should totally go see it. I liked everything but Jack Black's closing comment. Dumb. The special effects were truly amazing. But beware, there are giant bugs. The entire theater was making heeby jeeby sounds! Another fun thing about this movie is that "Billy Elliot" is one of the ship's crewman, Jimmy, all growed up.

Well, I'm off to put the monster patch on my monster hat. Pictures to follow soon...


knitzalot said...

I loved Pomagranate, too! We also had the appetizer plate and we loved how cheap the wine was. The only drawback was that, at the time, they didn't have a credit card machine. Joe had to go out to an ATM so we could leave. That was at least a year ago, so I'm sure they've remedied that by now.

Disentangled said...

That's funny that you mention that. The credit card was an issue. They take them now, but they add a 5% surcharge, which was annoying and normally I would object to highly, but we thought its only a couple bucks. When we said that it was fine, she said if we went next door and used the ATM at the bar, they would discount the fee they charged off the bill. What?