Saturday, January 28, 2006

Big, Gold and Magical

I feel like Wonder Woman using her magic gold wristlettes to fend off evil. Things have been coming at me that I am trying my mightiest to deflect. First, there is the evil virus currently alive within my husband. He has been sick, and I mean SICK, for over a week. He didn't even go to the pool hall until yesterday AND missed both of his regular tournaments this week - see what I mean? SICK. But, so far, I haven't come down with it. I keep feeling that little bug trying, trying, trying to get hold of me and I keep telling it - No! It's my birthday weekend, we are supposed to go to Big Bear on Sunday and I am trying to study for the LSAT next weekend. I CANNOT GET SICK. Yesterday morning I woke up and had that funny light feeling in my chest, like when you are starting to feel better after being sick, so I took another Airborne and kept popping the vitamin C all day and so far so good. So far, today has been a repeat, so I just polished up my golden wristlettes and have prepared for battle.

The other thing I am trying to deflect is the urge to buy yarn. I am on a yarn diet that is a requirement. I will never get out of debt if I don't stop using my credit card to buy yarn. And somehow every big sale I come across is an excuse to get it back out again - you know, to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to buy yarn on sale. Yet there always seems to be another sale and I already have lots of yarn for lots of projects I have already picked out. I have been getting great joy out of seeing what others are buying, which has helped me keep myself under control. And I realized yesterday morning that I still needed to shop for my Secret Pal giftee, which means - I get to buy yarn! It doesn't count if it isn't for yourself. So, I thought about where the best place to buy yarn is in San Diego. There are a few nice shops, but I have found that there aren't refular sales at my favorites or the only thing in the "sale bin" is some gross ribbon tape or metallic novelty yarn. But that was when I remembered that Knitting in La Jolla had some pretty good sale stuff, so that where I headed. But guess what was outside and on the door as I walked up? Big signs that said "Sale, Sale, Sale". Oh no.

I know what you're thinking - she caved. But, I actually did really well - it was the magic wristlettes, I tell ya. It was hard and I did spend a lot of time on the floor in front of the Rowan Big Wool that was on sale for $11 - they had that really pretty light buttery orange and the pretty light green in sweater quantities - and I even felt I made a big mistake last night and again this morning. But so far, every excuse I have come up with to go back and get more, hasn't worked out gaugewise or moneywise. So, I am taking that as a sign to be good and to be one with the deflective power of those gold wristlettes. Besides, I would much rather save my birthday money for shopping at the Market Place next month at Stitches West. I did manager to pick up some pretty Jaeger Baby Merino for $5 a ball and some Rowanspun dk for ~$6.50 - all for my SP giftee - so at least I was able to partake in the sale a little bit and get her more yarn for the money.

Oh, and I had one of those knitter celebrity sightings at the shop yesterday. When I got there, they were having a class which was being taught by Kristi Porter. I almost said something, but what do you say? - Oh, I know you from the internet? Um, stalker.

And another thing I realized yesterday - it is time for me to get a new photo on my check card. The lady at the Chinese restaurent handed back MY CARD with MY PHOTO to my husband. We both just started giggling. He said - wow, you need a new photo. Not only did you get mistaken for a dude, you got mistaken for a fat, ugly dude. Yup, good thing the bank is open on Saturdays.

Here's a picture of my sock - it now has a foot complete with peanut toes :-)


christine said...

The sock looks great! It'll look even better with some toes! ;)

Nasus said...

Good thing I didn't read your post before I went to downtown La Jolla this morning in an attempt to get a flu shot...unless any of the Rowan Big Wool in gray was on sale?? That check card photo bit made me laugh so hard! (sorry!)

Chris said...

Crazy funny about the check card photo!

Your sock looks really, really good. Be strong - resist the yarn buying urge!! (Ok, ok, I'm in Stashalong, so you can take that with a grain of salt...)

Definitely add Playing By Heart to your list - the cast is AMAZING. I saw this in the theater as an advance screening, but then it never got regular release and just went straight to video. It was a shame... Sean Connery, Gena Rowlins (sp?), Angelina Jolie, Ryan Phillipa, Anthony Edwards, Gillian Anderson, and more more more...

Melissa said...

Good job with the yarn diet! It was great meeting you last night... I just had to check out your blog ;)
Happy birthday again, too!

Julia said...

You're headed for the finish line on those socks!