Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Nonnahs!!!

Today is your birthday...nananana...It's my birthday too! Ok, so today isn't my birthday, my it's our dear friend Nonnahs' birthday! Nonnahs, in honor of your special day and considering it will be a few more days before your birthday present gets to you, here is your birthday Haiku:

Lover of katsu
Beautiful inside and out
Knitter through and through


knitzalot said...

I just posted this on my blog comments, but I guess it's better to tell you directly ;). Allison and I are meeting for dinner at the South Park Bar and Grill at 5 if you're interested in joining us. We usually stay there until 6:30 when the Salon starts.

Elocin said...

OMG! Happy happy happy birthday Nonnahs!

Nonnahs said...

Thanks, Dis and Elocin! And thanks, Nasus, for calling to sing me my special birthday song! Love you guys!

PS: I'll post soon, I swear!