Monday, January 16, 2006


I hope everyone had or is having a nice MLK day. I had to work and I am still somewhat bitter. It didn't even help that the traffic was light because I knew why. They were at home. Not working.

The girls at A Little Loopy had a reunion visit in LA on Saturday. Some great "album cover" photos will be posted soon. It also marked my first experience with a train in the U.S. I've taken trains when on vacation in other countries, but never here. Or at least I sure can't think of any time I did. But bright and early Saturday morning I climbed aboard the Pacific Surfliner and made the 2.5 hour ride to Union Station. I think it would have been perfect if I hadn't had to face backward the whole trip. What is that about? Can't they flip the direction of the cars or something? Man was not meant to move backward at 70+ mph. Every time we stopped at a station it felt like the world was zooming in on me like some fancy movie camera trick. It really messed with my brain. Otherwise, I will give it a thumbs up and for $28 it was a great way to make it to LA. I didn't do any knitting though, because I am prone to motion sickness and didn't want to hurl.

While waiting for Nasus to arrive, Nonnahs and I made a quick trip to Wild Fiber. It was a beautiful store with a nice combination of lots of inventory and plenty of space to hang out if you wanted to. My only complaint was that the prices were kinda high. I would have bought my Kidsilk Haze for Birch, but they were charging $1.50 more per ball than anywhere else I'd seen...and I don't play that game. This turned out to be a good thing because I am now on a self imposed yarn diet. Although I missed the sign ups for the Stash Along, I will participating from the side lines out of necessity...except for during Stitches West...because I will be on vacation...which doesn't count.

Any hoo, we had a great time and I even watched a football game, but mostly I knitted, ate, drank beer and laughed. We all left feeling like more of these little reunions are definitely needed.

On the knitting front, I finished the back of Erin last night and started the front. What is with UK pattern instructions? It's English, but I have to read it 4 times to understand what it says. It's not that it's even writting bad, just different than what I'm used to. I think I'm getting the hang of it though. Also, I have this strange compulsion to do the Harlot Olympics. What is wrong with me?

Finally, Chris posted the cutest pictures of Chaos today as a kitten. OMG - so cute! Just a little peanut. So, I got out Jenny's peanut pictures and decided to share one. This is Jenny pre-nose:


Chris said...

Oh! My name in print!! :)

What a super cute puppy!! Isn't it amazing that both cats and dogs are born with almost no noses?! Then *poof*.

Saturday sounds like a lot of fun. Good for you on the train - I think I would've hurled... Or stood up facing forward the whole way, probably creating a scene.

Do it, do it, do it - y'know you want one of those cute Knitting Olympics buttons...

The Stitchin' Sheep said...

Aww. I remember Jenny back then. You know, Mom told me just the other day that Hershey misses Jenny cleaning the goop out of his eyes for him. Come to think of it, that's one nasty dog you've got there.

Mouse said...

oh ewww. I got motion sickness just reading about going backwards at 70mph. I'd probably have sat on the floor facing the "correct" direction myself.. bleh.

Cute peanut picture.. your pup is way cute.

Nonnahs said...

I'm glad you survived the train ride (even after being "scolded" and I'm glad we wandered our way out of downtown LA. What a fun afternoon/evening!

knitzalot said...

I LOVE Wildfiber. I find the prices of yarn in LA to be high, in general. I'll only buy something there if I can't get it here. Jeanette and I are doing the Harlot Olymptics, too. We haven't picked patterns yet. Have you?

Secret Pal said...

I would never have believed it that the two pictures are of the same dog if I hadn't known it!

christine said...

OOOh , I LOVE the pre-nose picture......isn't it funny how they grow noses? She is beautiful!!!