Friday, January 13, 2006

Freaky Friday

Wow. I almost gave up half way through the day, but I kept going and I officially crossed everything off my to-do list today. Although a couple things didn't go as well as I'd hoped. First, I was going to the cute tea shop in Hillcrest to hopefully find a close subsitute for this amazing tea that I got in Australia called Stockholm Blend. It is a mixture of Black tea with orange peel, vanilla pieces, apricot flavour, safflowers, calendula blossoms, and rose petals. The place I got it at sells it online, but they only ship within Australia. Well, after the DMV and the Post Office - I know, who thought you could visit hell twice in the same day - I went over to the tea place, but guess what? It's gone!! I'm so sad, but I have a sneaky suspicion that it is because the place was called the Exotic Bamboo Nursery - makes you really want to stop in for some tea doesn't it?

Then I headed over to the Grove to sign up for the Combination Knitting class that Annie Modesitt is teaching next Thursday, but guess what? All full! I'm officially the first one on the waiting list, but what is the real chance there will be a cancellation by Thursday? One good thing is that I did make it out of the Grove with out buying any more yarn! (Look at me with the willpower.)

The other funny thing that happened was that my facial lady didn't show up for my appointment. She thought that I had called and cancelled. Ummmm, no. Turns out she mixed me up with the mother of another client whose name is same as mine. She was able to come over and see me anyway, but felt so bad she gave me my facial for free!! She figured that since it was Friday the 13th she needed to appease the cosmic universe and a free facial was the only way she could think to do it. Well, ok.

Given the multitude of errands today, I am still surprised I got some knitting done. I was able to finish the Baby Blue Bobbi Bear head at the DMV and reach the 7 inch mark for my sock ankle at Jiffy Lube! Although neither is a true FO, they mark significant milestones in these projects.

That's all for now, I am anxiously awaiting B's plane but it has been delayed by an hour, so now he won't get in until close to midnight. :-(
But tomorrow, should be a fun day with the girls :-) I can't wait!


Chris said...

As Friday the 13th goes, your was only a little 13. Which is very good!

Anonymous said...

Genuine Stockholm tea is coming to a mailbox near you... ;)

knitzalot said...

I heard that the class had a cancellation and that someone got in. Was it you?