Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I got my Secret Pal 7 match today, which means that someone has probably got me now or will soon at least. I was tempted to just republish my questionnaire from the last exchange, but I had already recycled that one from SP5. So, this time, I want to answer everything fresh - after all, I have been knitting that much longer and many of my preferences have changed as I have learned more. So, to my SP7 Secret Pal - I promise, promise, promise to have my questionnaire posted ASAP. I am hoping to try a little pdf magic, so it can be linked to throughout the exchange rather than being published in a post. (So far, I have not been able to figure out how to keep the per-post links active after they've been archived by Blogger, yet I see others do it...hmmm.) But, I'm pretty sure I know how to create a pdf file that can be uploaded, viewed and linked, which is what I will attempt to do for my questionnaire. If it ends up in a post, then you know I failed miserably.

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Secret Pal said...

It is actually quite easy. If you do a post and pre-date it from before you started you blog. Copy the internet address and put it in a link on your side panel the way you have done with " fun and helpful links".