Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sock Update

Sorry, no pic today. Instead, imagine, if you will, the leg of the sock complete, plus a few rows of a dangling heel flap. You may use this as a reference point if you like, with one slight variation. For whatever reason, the hues on Artic Char, Part Deux are a tinge deeper (darker) than those of Artic Char, The O.G. Version. Ask me if I care though. I really don't. I am fully embracing these, my first-born pair of socks, for all that they are- little feet warmers wrought with both triumphs and imperfections!

1 comment:

Mouse said...

Well.. when they are done..if anyone looks at your socks long enough to point out that they are different in shade, at least they're close enough that you can kick them for saying something. lol