Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Big Announcement Tuesday

We've got 2 big news items today.

No, I'm not getting married (it isn't THAT big). B and I are moving. No, we're not buying a house (it isn't even that big). We inadvertently came across a too-good-to-pass-up situation over the weekend, and it's all happened so fast, but the outcome is that we are into a very cool little 2 bedroom house with a big yard (for a dog)! We had been playing with the idea of looking for a new place, but we hadn't been actively looking. At least I hadn't (too lazy). B found this place on good old craigslist and saw that there was an open house on Saturday, so he mentioned it and we thought we would nonchalantly drop by, just to check it out, while Darby was in the shop getting fitted with new rear tires. We did not at all intend to like it, however, we both fell in love with the place right away. Big selling point for him: the dog yard and just the fact that it's a free standing house (without screaming toddlers on the other side of the wall). Big selling point for me: the loft (AKA, the knitting nook)! So long story short, in just 3 short days we saw the place, turned in our applications, were offered the place, put down a deposit, signed a lease, and gave notice on our current place. This is not my usual M.O. as Ms. Think Everything Through Forever Capricorn Girl, but again, it just seemed like too much of a good thing to pass up. So yup...we're moving! I'm excited, but oy!

The other big piece of news for the day is that LA and Rex learned just this morning that they are having, not just one baby as initially expected, but TWINS! OMG! They went in for an ultrasound this morning, intending to discover the gender of Peanut (Now Peanut 1) and learned that there is also a Peanut 2 in there! They will go back to see a specialist next week to find out for sure, but from what the doctor could tell today, it looks like I will soon be the aunt of identical twin girls! :) We are all in a state of shock...but very excited!