Monday, March 06, 2006

A Bobbi Bear for Baby

A new little baby boy has been welcomed into the world and boy, is he the cutest thing. His parents are especially pleased with how easy he is. He is easily consolable and sleeps really well. His mom said that she is only getting up about once a night for him and he is only 9 days old!

This little boy is also the recipient of the Baby Blue Bobbi Bear I have been slowly working on over the last couple months. Here is a picture of the stuffed, eared and faced Bobbi Bear:

I love his spare tire :-) He was made with a little over one hank of Blue Sky Cotton in ice blue (616) on size 8 dpns. It was a very fun knit and only got a bit awkward when working on the last arm. Hopefully little baby M will get a lot of use out of him. I still have the handmade doll I dragged around my whole childhood that was made for me by my aunt.

I was going to post a picture of me and M, but I didn't get a chance to ask his mom if it was ok. So in the meantime I thought I would share this totally cute picture of one of his older brothers, K (since you can't really see him anyway). K is currently obsessed with racing and has been known to wake up his parents first thing in the morning wearing his red helmet, goggles, gloves and knee pads.

You gotta love this kid!


Cee said...

Oh, it is just adorable. I am sure baby M will love it.

Wish I could knit. My mom knits and my oldest daughter knits, but I just didn't get the knitters gene.

Nasus said...

I love the spare tire too! I need start on mine (the bear, NOT a spare tire) someday soon :)

Jennifer said...

The bear is so cute and I'm sure will be well loved. The speed racer is pretty darn cute too.

Nonnahs said...

Bobbi turned out so great- the spare tire is the best! On bears, of course...not as cute on a thirtysomething Los Angelean knitter. ;)

Chris said...

Oh, what a cute bear!! I bet he'll love it. That cotton is sooooo soft and cuddly.

Marisa said...

Love the Baby Bobbi Bear!!