Saturday, March 04, 2006


I have been on work overload this week. So much so, that my threat to bombard you with posts this week has fallen considerably short. I think I am already on 15 hours of OT for this week and I still need to go in today :-( I am super busy, plus I am training a new girl, which means for the most part I can't get much of my own work done. It's a necessary evil though - if I don't train her now, our work load will never improve. So, really, it's all for the best.

In other news, B is getting a chance to go visit his sister in France in a couple weeks. Since she has a blog this visit, it will be a different kind of experience keeping up with each other. We each have iSight cameras and can video chat for free, but the connection isn't always that great through her provider in France. It does make a world of difference just to be able to see him when he's gone - even if he moves like a robot and his face is made up of many teeny tiny squares. He is also going to have to make his way through London to switch airports, which should be interesting. We are going to pick up a Rick Steve's or Lonely Planet today. He's doing this because the cheapest flights we could find got him to London and then we were able to book a "Southwest" style flight out of a different airport in London to France. We figure even with the train fairs, it is still coming out cheaper that the flights and train combos we were finding in France.

And to keep you interested, after all, the pictures really can be the best part sometimes, here is a little something new and a little something old. First, since I am still "officially" on a yarn diet - although I violated it last week to pick up some Blue Sky Cotton dirt cheap on ebay to make Knit and Tonic's Something Red (I'm big on yarn substitutions, but when it is Blue Sky Cotton, there really is no point in substituting. I ended up getting 2 bags of 5 hanks for about $40 including shipping - so to do the math for you $4 a hank!) and I am about to violate it again in order to pick up the Knit Picks yarn to make Starsky (for our little San Diego knit along that will start on April 1st), B picked me up this beautiful Big Wool for my birthday:

It was on sale at Knitting in La Jolla, so since I couldn't buy it for myself, he got it for me. I am going to make Gwen from Rowan's Bigger Picture. For fun, I also picked up a couple balls of the close out multi colored orange Biggy Print (247) - this doesn't count against the yarn diet because it would be needed to finish the project and they were 1/2 off. I thought it may work as a cute accent for the collar. It looks like you probably knit it at the end, so if it doesn't work colorwise, I can just redo it in the main color (39). Even though I have both balls in my hand, the particular dye lot I ended up with of the Biggy Print is really extreme from the one I had seen in person previously. The orange is neoner and the red is redder, so yeah it's just that ugly. But, you know how yarn is, it could possibly knit up cute and the subtle orange in the colorway that goes with the main color could possible pull it all together, but I'm not holding my breath.

I also wanted to acknowledge the departure of an old friend. This is my first scarf:

I never did name him, but countless rows of garter stitch when into this puppy. I donated it as part of the Red Scarf project back at the end of January, but never got around to posting about it. So, to whomever received you as a gift, this little scarf was made with love - and actually, turned out not all that bad for my first one - I don't think it would look all that different if I were to make it today about a year and a half later.

All right, that's about all the procrastinating I can do this morning. I have a few more things to do around the house before I head to the office...bla!


Chris said...

Wow! You have so much going on! Bummer about work... Amazing deal on that Blue Sky Cotton. Yum.

christine said...

What a great thing - to donate such a special scarf!