Friday, April 28, 2006

Concert review: Eisley

Last night’s show was truly a family affair. Not only is the band almost entirely comprised of family members, but my whole family (minus B – it was his league night) was there as well. Overall the show was really good. The girls really know how to harmonize and since they are sisters, their voices have a very similar quality despite being very different. They are about to record their second album and they are using this tour as a chance to break in a lot of their new material. I would say that close to 50% of the songs last night were new. I can’t say that I have ever been to a show organized like that before, but it makes me really excited for the new album.

I came to know Eisley because a friend of mind, who could possibly be one of their biggest fans, told me to buy the album. In fact, he sent an email to all of his friends and told us all to buy their album when it came out. Since, his track record for recommending music to me that I really enjoyed, I did. I am a firm believer in supporting artists and while I share music with my friends, I always make the effort to buy the CD if it is something I like. That decision was even easier this time, because it was their first album and I wanted to do my part. I had no idea what they were like, but as soon as the first few notes were played, I knew they were about to become some of my favorites. In fact, their CD is one of my favorite to have in the car – the only place that affords me the privacy I really need to belt out tunes at full volume.

As for the venue, it's not one of my favorites, but then I like to sit down when I see a show. It was at the Soma side stage, which has only in essence been converted from the movie theater it once was. However, despite the foot aching quality of the sloping floors, it does give you a chance to see over the heads of all those hipsters in front of you. And because the place is so small, you can see everything – even the two people who walked through the audience in huge winter parkas with their hoods up without a thought to the fact that it was 100 degrees inside – oh yeah, I forgot, they were too cool to be hot. Also, in the general observation category: people smell.

So, I highly encourage you to check out Eisley (here and here) if you don’t already know who they are. Hopefully you won’t be disappointed. I sure wasn’t.


Nasus said...

I like it! I'm always a sucker for harmony...btw funny thing, I got a mass email ad for upcoming Christian band tours, and it featured Eisley! But they don't sound like a Christian band...

Nonnahs said...

I'm glad you had fun, in spite of the venue (Soma - yuck). I have yet to see Eisley in concert!