Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Epic Journey of Espresso

Once upon a time (February 27th), a young knitter (Dis) won two eBay auctions. These were miraculous auctions that involved a lone batch of Espresso Blue Sky Cotton that had found its way to one of the largest eBay auction houses on the net. Not being a yarn company, they had no idea what they had. And like all the other things they sell in which they have no idea what they are, the starting bid was marked 99 cents. Dis figured that the true adventure of this cotton had ended with her successful win of two of the dozen auctions being offered. Little did she know that it wouldn't be until 6 weeks later that the Espresson cotton would finally come home.

Yup. 6 long weeks. Not only did these poor little hanks of Espresso cotton get caught in a major backlog at the auction house, the invoice first got lost before it got found again. Then the most unfortunately of events was shipped to Dis' home address via UPS.

Not that little Dis did not try to get it sent to her work address from the start, but somewhere between eBay and PayPal and the auction house, that specific request was not seen. So the poor Espresso cotton made the long journey from Arizona to San Diego where it would be misdelivered, redirected, misdelivered, lied about, redirected and finally stepped on.

But, the journey of the Espresso cotton has now come to an end. It has been happily wound into cakes, swatched and is currently being knitted into a cute little summer tank. The rest have found a higher calling and are destined to become Something Red.


Chris said...

Welcome, Espresso! Great things await you. :)

Theresa said...

It's about time! But there's no fun like new fun, unless, of course, it's moving to San Diego. Thanks for your email - I'll respond later today.

On a related note, can it really be called Something Red if it's not red? Something Espresso has a lovely ring, at least for this coffee lover.

Nonnahs said...

Thank goodness its finally arrived! What a saga! I agree with Theresa- I like Something Espresso. And it's not just because I could really go for a latte right about now, either. ;)