Saturday, April 08, 2006


It's seven minutes past midnight and I finally gave up on my futile search for a footnote reference that I need for my 30-40 page paper due in early May. I spent almost an hour and a half on this small stupid task and even asked K to go through my pile of printed articles. Call me obstinate and foolish - but I suppose you need both traits to make it through this maze I call Law School.

After giving up, I lazily day(midnight)-dreamed about my and my sister's upcoming trip to London, and I really hope I can visit Loop, an absolutely adorable yarn shop!


Chris said...

Dreaming of going to Loop when there's possibility of actually going - excellent!

amanda cathleen said...

isn't it funny when you dream about yarn? or knitting? *L* What a great dream, and you get to go!! *sigh*

Nonnahs said...

I hope you get to visit it too! If you have time, given your other "hunting" obligations, of course. ;)