Sunday, April 02, 2006


How cute is Amanda Cathleen over at Mistress Stash Enhancer? Very. She sent me my winnings from her contest and although the package came to San Diego on Wednesday, the soonest I could get to the post office was yesterday. I was so thrilled when I opened up my box and saw such a fun collection of little goodies. This is why I love knitters. She could have put the yarn in a box - which would have been totally fine - but no.

She included a cute knitting card, some yummy looking...ehhm, tasting...peanut butter meltaway chocolate, a new tape measure (which I promptly put to use yesterday on Starsky), as well as the beautiful (even more beautiful in person by the way) yarn and magnet from Autumn House Farms. So, thank you once again Amanda Cathleen - you are the best!! She has again reinforced why I love this community so much - for its thoughtfullness, camaraderie (why do I feel Merriam-Webster is yanking my chain in this one?), and generosity.

In other news, I officially started Starsky yesterday with Knitzalot, Cora and Allison. I got through the ribbing and the first repeat of the cable chart. There is at least one mistake, but it is small, and it really doesn't bother me.

I am trying to master this whole chart thing. I spent this whole repeat looking up each twist character by character. I knew there was logic to looking at the chart, so after I finished I spent some time trying to understand what the characters where actually telling me to do, so that I wouldn't have to keep looking each one up. I figured out the system, but it's not quite second nature yet. It is really fun to see the pattern take shape. But I have to admit, this one is a little tricky for beginners. Not that it is difficult, but because the design is a little more free form - not so obvious where the next twist will be. Although I'm sure this will change the more I do it and get to really see how the cable flows.

Unfortunately, I am now on a cable kick. Everything I want to do has cables. So, what is next on the list? Hmmm...Eris and Rogue perhaps? It's not like I already have the yarn for those. Ok, maybe I do.


Melissa said...

it looks great so far! I totally forgot about the get together at Rebeca's yesterday... maybe next time.

Chris said...

Very cool prizes!!

Your Starsky already looks great. This is your first cabling project?! I would never guess.

Jessimuhka said...

You made great progress! It's looking good so far.

amanda cathleen said...

glad to hear you got your package ok and that you enjoy it too : D
Starsky is looking good, my fav thing for working with charts in the super sticky stick it notes. Helps me keep track of where I am.
Cables are sooo addicting! Watch out! ; )

Marisa said...

It's looking great!!

Is there another Rebecca's meetup on Saturday?

christine said...

Amanda cathleen sent some of that peanut butter chocolate with her blue square..Bob stole it, so let me know how you like it!

Starksy is looking good! Cables are fun!!!!!

Allison said...

OK... so I'm 9 rows into the first cable repeat. And mine looks nothing like yours. :( I think I screwed up somewhere. :(