Monday, May 08, 2006


Question: How freaking wonderful and talented is Jacey at Insubordiknit?
Answer: VERY!

If you haven't checked out Insubordiknit yet, please do. Jacey is a really cool knitter, spinner, vegan chef and mom, and her yarns are SO much fun! I asked her if she could design a Monster Hat Kit for my nephew Jack in Hawaii (an aspiring knitter *yay* who turns 11 today!), and lookie at the masterpiece she whipped up! His name is Crookfang! The yarn is so beautiful, and oh-so much fun! I'm not quite sure about the fiber content, but I believe she was planning to spin up some veggie fibers, such as soysilk, ingeo, and cotton. The colors are so vibrant- royal blues, olivey greens, some deep purple, and some couldn't be more perfect! I mean, look at this! See for yourself!

Here's a close-up of Crookfang's face. What 11 year-old kid wouldn't dig this guy? Thank you so, so much, Jacey, for creating this wonderful kit for Jack. Especially with everything you have going on right now. I don't know how you did it, but you went above and beyond. You truly ROCK!

Now all I need to do is assemble the rest of the package to send to Jack. Some needles, an instruction book, since I (sadly) can't be there to teach him in person. I am thinking about Kids Knitting by Melanie Falick. If anyone has any thoughts on this, or other recommendations, please let me know. He has a little kit, from which he's learned how to make scarves and other flat things, but his mom said he's been wanting to learn how to make hats, so I thought this would be a great place to start. I hope DPNs aren't too tricky- what do you think?

...Totally unrelated, here's a continuation from Dis' post and pics of our fun henna experience, less than 24 hours after the henna was applied. You can see how the areas on our fingers darkened first. Now the lotus on the back of my hand (which I particularly love - I kinda wish that would stay there) is just a tinge lighter than the swirly, curlicues on my fingers. The artist was truly amazing. We were enthralled just watching her freehand these designs.


Jennifer said...

What a fun kit!

amanda cathleen said...

He is totally going to love that hat!!! *L* Love it!!
p.s. your hands look really cool ; )

Theresa said...

That would make any 11 yo boy want to knit - too cool.

How long does it take the henna to wash off? Because I'm going to an Indian wedding in June, and there's a part where we can get hennaed, but I can't have it when I'm wearing my uniform 3 days later. Probably not enough time, right?

Disentangled said...

Crookfang's the best! Jacey rocks.

jacey said...

yay! i'm so glad you like it, I hope he does as well. as for the fiber content, sorry, i usually write that on the tag. It's about 25%wool, just for elasticity and such, and the rest is soysilk, ingeo, and a bit of cotton.

yay for 11 year old, boy knitters!

Chris said...

Very, very cool kit! I like the subtlety of the henna now.