Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I have a new love: Socks That Rock. To say they Rock is putting it mildly. It is the most amazingly squooshy yarn. It knits like butter using my Addi Turbos. It is taking every ounce of determination I have to go back to my desk after my morning and afternoon breaks. I just don't want to stop knitting! My first hank of STR is in the colorway Carbon and the picture just doesn't do it justice. It is very "me" yarn and has pretty much all my favorite colors in it.

Thursday night before our Vegas trip I became obsessed with starting a pair of socks. I decided that the fist fight I was having with my Claudia's Hand Painted and my Addi Turbos had to stop. The yarn is great, but I think it was destined to work on more pointy needles. So, I grabbed my STR that I picked up at Stitches West, wound it up and started swatching. Although, I didn't think I had the right needle size for a while, because I was once again on some sort of yarn crack high, I realized I was fine and could bring the sock along with needles on hand to Vegas. Most of the knitting on the ankle of the sock was done at the airport and the ankle has now sprouted a heel. Last night I started the gussets. This is my first attempt at using 2 circulars and while I hated it with the Claudia's Hand Painted, I am love, love, loving it with the STR. I have absolutely NO ladders! This is a first for me. Although I haven't made it all the way through a single sock yet, I think I am developing an appreciation for this method. However, I doubt I will ever give up dpns entirely.


Mouse said...

I just bought two skeins of STR at MSW- I just keep squishing it! I swore I wouldn't fall into the trap of the STR.. and then I saw it. Putting up pics from MSW soon.

Nonnahs said...

Those colors are totally you!

Chris said...

The squooshiness is wonderful! I like those colors.