Friday, May 05, 2006

From one dog to another

This has been a sweet week for mail for us over here. First, my fabulous book package, and then yesterday, Dakota was the lucky recipient of a present from Jenny! It's so good to have friends!

Dear Jenny,

Thank you so much for the present you sent me! I've never received anything in the mail before- what a thrill! Your note was so funny, not to mention very helpful (especially the part about the cute faces *wink, wink*). The brightly-colored bouncy balls caught my eye right away. Even thought I don't really know what to do with ball toys yet. Dad throws a red ball near (to?) me, but I'm not sure what he wants me to do with it. I feel like there must be more to it. Now that I have these fun toys, I'll get to practice! I haven't tried Greenies yet, but I think I overheard the peeps talking about them, and how they're supposed to be all the rage. I'm excited to try them! (Will I become addicted?) I'm especially excited to look through the picture book of cute faces, so I can learn them all, like you suggested. My people are already suckers for my cuteness - and that's when I'm not even trying! Man, will I be a tough customer to resist once I have these sweet moves down! ;)

Well, it's been a few minutes since I've last taken a nap...better get back...You're the best! Thanks again! And, thank your mom for packaging the box up so nice. My first mail present...SWEET!!

*lick*, Dakota Jones

PS: Neither of my peeps' last names are Jones, as you know, but Dad thought the name went well (and better than either of theirs - HA!). Mom thinks it's silly (especially when Dad sings the full name to the tune of the Counting Crows song), but when she told her friend The Kamel about it, he felt honored, so it's all good. I don't mind. (Um, are your people as crazy as mine?)


Jenny said...

Dear Dakota,

I am so glad your package arrived safe and sound. I've heard my people talk about the horrors of UPS, so I asked especially that your package go via the mail. Besides, aren't doggies supposed to like the mailman? Or do we hate them? You may want to ask someone about that.

Oh and yes, like my mama and her yarn, I am a Greenie pusher. It makes me happy to spread the addiction. I know that Greenie Day falls once a week, but it doesn't hurt to try and make every day Greenie Day don't ya think?

Have a great weekend and congrats on your new last name!


Theresa said...

I'm so so jealous - I really want a dog. And Dakota seems wonderful!

Peevish said...

Awwww! More pictures of Dakota please!