Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Warning: Art History Major Geek Coming Through!

Dis and I, despite missing Nasus tremendously, had a great afternoon at The Getty on Friday. I absolutely love it up there and was glad to be able to take Dis to see it for the first time. I was so pleased that the sky was clear (by LA standards), which allowed her the opportunity to take in the great view of the city from the hillside. I should have taken more pictures, but frankly, it was a little too warm for me to think wisely at the time. Sorry, maybe next time! Here's a picture of the top of one of the main buildings (with a little purple flower peeking out in the bottom corner).

We found (ran to secure) a great knitting spot in the Central Garden. It was the perfect place to plant ourselves and drink some iced (but not for long) tea, even though the questionable plant behind us smelled curiously like onions. But, no matter! Normally a couple of office-bound lackeys by day, we relished in being outdoors for a change. We lounged out there for a while and then decided that we should maybe look at some actual art (and, let's be honest, get within some AC-ed walls for a few minutes). We decided to take in a wonderful Eliot Porter exhibition.

As we walked through the grounds, I was reminded of how much I love museums. (I believe I may or may not have actually uttered the phrase, "I love museums!") Not only do I enjoy seeing pieces in person that I had only read about and studied or admired from afar, I appreciate the whole environment. There's just something about a good museum, wherever it may be, that feels familiar and even comforting to me. Part of the reason, I'm sure, is that it reminds me of my college years, especially my last year in college when I worked at LACMA. I could have spent the whole day there (okay enough, art history nerd..), but alas, there was Friday afternoon rush hour traffic to face (love ya, 405!) a LYS to visit (or so we thought- if only we had known they close at 4- hello?), and plants to buy!

More on our gardening adventures soon!


Jennifer said...

Museums are wonderful places.

amanda cathleen said...

I love museums too! I can't wait for my trip up to visit my parents. I really want to take the kids to the Hancock Shaker village, its like a living museum. : )
Sounds like you two had fun! Looks like it would be a great place to hang out and knit.

Nasus said...

Art history major geek or not, museums are awesome! I want to go back to Italy for the museums (and the food, architecture, scenery...)