Monday, June 19, 2006

Weekend Update

There really isn't a better feeling than a nice, long weekend. My office permits you (if you are so inclined) to work 10 hour days every other week in order to have a Friday or Monday off that week. I have been working this schedule for the last year and a half and absolutely love it! I don't mind the 10 hour days and the Fridays off allow me to do some fun things like I did this weekend.

Friday morning I drove up to LA to hang out with Nonnahs (who is lucky enough to get every Friday off - jealous!). We tried to get Nasus to come, but unfortunately her schedule just didn't work out this trip...good thing we have a mini retreat planned for next month! We went to the Getty which was new for me, had lunch and hung out in the gardens. I decided to play around with the macro feature on my camera and had fun taking pictures of all the plants and flowers.

We also found a great spot in the central garden for a bit of knitting. Nonnahs worked on her socks and I made a wee bit more progress on Oceania. I brought Forest Floor, but just didn't feel like messing with it.

We didn't really explore the museum this trip all that much because really it was all about the knitting spot, but we did manage to see a nature photography exhibit currently on display. The museum actually reminded me a lot of the modern art museum we saw while in Brisbane last year and I know we will be back soon.

Nonnahs and I also had a fun boy-free sleep-over. We did some gardening (which I will let her tell you all about), had some yummy tacos and margaritas, and most importantly, I got to meet the Doogles! Dakota is such a cutie and looks gigantic compared to Jenny (even though he is really a medium sized dog). He also was kind enough to help me name my next pair of socks.

This lovely cake of Obsidian Socks That Rock, will soon be made into Dakota Socks, not only because he seemed to think that this cake looked as fun as his pink and purple squeeky ball, but because it matched him perfectly - mostly black with a little brown. Don't you just love when projects name themselves?


amanda cathleen said...

That looks like it is truely a prime knitting spot! Dakota, you are the cutest puppy EVER!! He does go well with socks that rock ; )

Mouse said...

Awwww! Socks that Rock - Dakota Drool colorway?? lol

Chris said...

Sounds like a great time, as always. And I love that Obsidian Dakota yarn. Yum yum yum. Maybe Blue Moon should be using that picture in their advertising. :)

The Stitchin' Sheep said...

You mean projects actually name themselves? I have the hardest time coming up with project names. I mean, Cable Baby Blanket? Really creative. I just can't ever think of anything cool sounding, so it just gets a description.

I'm excited to hear about the gardening.

Jennifer said...

What a cute dog! The yarn does match him to a tee!

Glad you guys had a good visit. I really must try to get to the Getty on my next trip to So Cal.

Nonnahs said...

Well, on behalf of the doogles, I will say that he is honored to have socks named after him! It's funny- he never touches any of my yarn- maybe because it was in the yard and roughly in the shape of a ball, he thought it was fair game! ;)

Nasus said...

Awwwwww!!! Cute! Your Dakota socks will most likely be done before my man-socks (surprise, surprise) ;)