Tuesday, August 01, 2006

2nd Annual SnB Retreat

Last weekend marked the 2nd Annual SnB Retreat for the girls of A Little Loopy. Last year we headed off to Ojai for a little spa relaxation. This year, to save some time and money, we decided to spend the weekend in Manhattan Beach, Ca. This is the town I grew up in and lived until I was 15.
Manhattan Beach is famous for its pier under which countless beach volley ball and surfing tournaments are held. It was a little overcast, but you could still tell what a great beach it is. We stayed at this cute little hotel called the Belamar, which had been completely redone with a fun and kitschy flair. This was our room.

The only problem being that it didn't have a full portrait of this cute little doggie. This is one of the wall sized portaits adorning the lobby.

Food was definitely a highlight of the weekend and I'm pretty sure we didn't pass an opportunity to eat. We also had a little knitting activity scheduled, which I feel deserves a post of its own. After all, we all managed to leave with a finished object under our belts!

It was fun to see my little town again. Pretty much everthing was different and there seemed to be a lot of empty buildings and retail turnover. But, my old house was still there and a couple of the places we often frequented were still there, including the beach side coffee shop, the Kettle. We all ended up ordering the exact same thing for breakfast Saturday morning, which isn't surprising once you realize that orange marmalade and cream cheese stuffed french toast was involved!


Nonnahs said...

So much fun! I am still full from the weekend, but I could still go for another Kettle breakfast. Why is that? ;)

Nasus said...


al said...

oh my gosh - you have a RETREAT? my SnB needs one, that sounds like so much fun!

al (from the mdkal)