Saturday, September 16, 2006

Head, shoulders, knees and toes.

The knitting conversation around A Little Loopy has held an odd preoccupation of late: Knee Highs. I'm not sure what it is about, but dang, we want some! There seems to be a plethora of Knee High (and these really should be a proper title, I think) knitting around the blog-o-sphere and any time a new picture is shown, we have a secret little meeting (Did you see? Oh my gosh, so cute! Have you decided what yours will be yet?). See there are so many options. And for a garment that will in all likelyhood never be seen by anyone, the choice of Knee Highs is a critical one.

I myself, have been intrigued by these socks. And I have to thank Cora The Enabler on this find - thank you, thank you, thank you!! Yes, I know they aren't Knee Highs, but why couldn't they be? I am mildly concerned that the Noro Silk Garden Lite may be a bit itchy, so I thought a trial pair of regular socks would be a good way to test it out. I fell in love with this pretty colorway (2014).

It has such a great combination of bright and mellow, light and dark. And includes everything from olive green to fuchsia. How cool is that? I also love the idea of working these as a toe up and sense I have never done a toe up sock before, I thought I would use that handy dandy new Knitty toe up formula.

So far, so good, I think. If all goes well with this pair, which I have a feeling will be a pretty quick pair (for me at least), I will make another pair a la Knee Highs. The only issue I am having is with the tight gauge. It really isn't all that bad (I'm using Addi 2s), but with my hands bothering me lately, I have to be sure not to work too long.

This week I also finally cast on for my Simple Knitted Bodice. I have a feeling that this is going to be a long haul, at least through the raglan increases. Man, there are already a ton of stitches on that thing and I am only on the second repeat!

I am hoping this will prove to be good car knitting (since I don't have to look at it all that much) for when we go on our road trip vacation in a week or so. Although, I do have to be carful with the plies of the yarn, so maybe one of my secret projects would be better...hmmm, I'm going to have to put some careful thought into that since I might as well be making some knitting progress while we drive all those miles. I just have to do it carefully since I am prone to motion sickness. I may be hoping for the impossible, but I have to try!


Mouse said...

ok.. everyone keeps tempting me and its finally getting too much to take.. I really think I need to learn how to knit toe up socks this week. Those Noro socks are very cool - I'm thinking that legwarmers are going to be my thing this winter.. I just have to find some skirts that they will look cute with.

Marisa said...

Love your yarn color for the SKB!

Jennifer said...

Yeah, raglan increases bore me to tears too. You picked a fab color for the SKB!

amanda cathleen said...

I've been drooling over the thought of knee socks too! Your noro socks are going to be great.
Have you tried sea bands for your motion sickness? Have fun on your trip!!

Melissa said...

Good luck with you SKB... mine is on hiatus because it turns out that the yarn at Webs was out of stock when i ordered it. They tell me this a week later. Ugh

Nonnahs said...

Yay- knee highs! I can't wait. I think I may just make some up. :)

Mathaphobic said...

Your socks rock. Try Ginger Root pills for the motion sickness. They are miraculous and available at Wal-Mart. Take three though not the one it says on the bottle and give them ample time to absorb into the system.