Saturday, September 02, 2006

Knitting through the A.M.

I started school a couple of weeks ago and wish I was still backpacking in Sequoia. I'm not a fan of store-bought trout, but the fresh trout was delicious!

Alas, my hours are restricted to hours of internet research and parsing caselaw. Oh, and the lack of sleep...although I had grand plans over the summer to knit for my four friends who are expecting babies over the next six months, I had only completed one Lilly's Hat using GGh Samoa. I stayed up until 3am this morning to complete a pair of Debbie Bliss baby sandals for a friend who is having her shower today (I used cheap, washable Red Heart TLC Baby yarn.) Booties shouldn't be taking this long, but some of her instructions were difficult to follow. The next time I knit these adorable sandals, they should take half the time!

My sister E drew this absolutely cute card for the baby shower. Girls - she will be drawing the next set of Dis-Nonnahs-Nasus drawings in the same style as the baby pictured here.


Jennifer said...

You've been very busy! Very cute baby FO's though.

crzjane said...

I love the pic of the Sequoia. It is beautiful. Booties and hat are too cute! I know if I stayed up until 3am my fo would not look anything like what they were suppose to be! Your sister's drawing is too cute too!
Good luck with school.

Disentangled said...

Super cute! And E's drawing is adorable!! She could have her own line of greeting cards :-) Glad you got the booties done on time!

Nonnahs said...

OMG, too cute! I love how those booties turned out! I can't wait to knit a pair!

amanda cathleen said...

awww!! sooo cute! I love the boxes that you used! The booties and the hat are adorible! Lucky kids : )