Thursday, October 12, 2006

Socktoberfest Socks

I have been meaning to post something pretty much all week. But for now, I find myself unable to talk about pretty much everything I have been working on. I also have a feeling that I will slam you all with FO reports as we get closer to that eminent day of massive gift giving.

So, for now, I will have to distract you with pretty sock yarn. I haven't yet talked about my personal goals for Socktoberfest, so here it goes. There is a certain pair of socks that have been languishing because it turned out that I was going to run out of Dakota yarn (aka STR Obsidian). To jump start this project, I have made my goal for this month to re-work and finish the first of the Dakota socks.

I called up those lovely and helpful ladies at Blue Moon and they just happened to have a hank of Black Onyx in stock in the same yarn weight as the Obsidian. (We will skip over the fact that it costs the same to ship one hank of STR as it does three and that I am a fan of being "economical".) Black Onyx is basically a hand-painted "solid" black yarn, so it will be perfect toes and heels. I think I have enough Obsidian to only need the Black Onyx on the toes, but since I am not happy with the pointy short row heel, I am going to take the opportunity to rip. Although it will be painful, I know that the matching black heels and toes will be worth it in the end. And technically I do have time, since these are one of my December deadlines.

I am also making good progress on my Deep V vest homework. I think I may be able to finish up what's left tonight while watching a bit of TV. I'll post another picture once I try it on again. Keep your fingers crossed that it will fit!


amanda cathleen said...

*L* Great distraction. Can't wait to see how your Dakota socks turn out : )

Lolly said...

That will be the perfect fix for the socks. Can't wait to see them!

Jennifer said...

So, did you get the other two skeins, since shipping would be the same? :-)

Marisa said...

Being "economical" always gets me in trouble too :)