Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hairy Harry

So last night I was in the shower after returning from spin class (I only mention this because I am trying to keep my motivation through the holidays and into the next year - there may or may not be a complicated paper clip chain system in place keeping track of my progress which pays out in yarn for good behavior) and the power shuts off. Pitch dark. Nothingness. I thought the power for our entire unit was out at first, but then I happened to see a glow from under the door. Turns out only the power from one half of our unit was affected. We tried to reset the breaker, but nothing. The bad part is that the is the room where the internet and computers are plugged in. (Needless to say B wasn't happy considering he had two computers working in root mode when the power shut off.) So, I am thinking this may be the last chance I have to post for a little while.

Anyway, I'm making steady progress on my Deep V vest and even brought it to work today, so that I will have plenty of time given my schedule for the next few evenings. It is looking like I will be all ready for class on Saturday morning. The only thing is that it seems long. I'm hoping its just me, but, there isn't really a good way for me to tell know until it is all done and cut.

I also got this fun picture in my inbox yesterday. You know I like to see my handknit gifts in action. Well, this takes the cake! He said the Harry Potter scarf made him faster ;-)

Speaking of my Harry Potter knitted items, things have reached an all time low at Chez Dis. If we are not careful, Jenny may walk out for good.

"Seriously. Seriously? Seriously." *

*said Izzie style.


Nasus said...

HA!!! I love those pics!

Cora said...

Poor Jenny! What a tough life.
That's funny about the vest because I think mine looks short. Hopefully it will all fall together once the ribbings are in place. Mine looks a bit un-proportional right now.

Nonnahs said...

Love the HP scarf action shots! Ha! He loves that thing! :)

bella said...

Jenny - you can come live with us! I'd like have a sister to boss around.

Love, bella

The Stitchin' Sheep said...

You don't fool me. I know Jenny's living the good life. And, if she has to prostitute herself out in silly pictures from time to time, I bet she's willing to make that sacrifice.