Tuesday, November 28, 2006

On The Verge

ETA: I just realized that a big chunk of my original post was somehow omitted before it was published. So, if you tried to read this earlier and it made no sense to you, that would be why. I've since added in the other bits. Please re-read, if you would be so kind. :)

So with the coming and going of Thanksgiving, I guess it's safe to say that we're now officially into the holiday season. While some of us are down right giddy about this, others may be feeling a little tentative. I've been trying extra hard to plan well this year, so that I'm not rushing around as usual. Things are falling into place, but it's sure to get crazy soon enough. For now, I am having a positive attitude! (Think positive...think positive...)

I look so different when you can't see my big, pointy ears

I'll be taking a short trip during the second week of December, which will add to the chaos, but worth it. LA plans to fly back to Hawaii with the peanuts, and since Rex won't be joining them until the latter part of the month, I decided to fly back with her to help out during the flight. Since 1 LA + 2 peanuts = yikes. (1 LA + I Nonnahs + 2 peanuts = still yikes, but at least we've got a 1 to 1 ratio at that point.) I wanted to go for a visit anyway, so this ends up working out. This way, I can go back for a short time, while making myself useful, and then B and I will be able to spend Christmas with his fam in San Diego. This is only fair, since he spent last Christmas in Hawaii with me and my fam. (Note: this will be my very first non-Hawaii Christmas in 36 11/12 years...I'm a little concerned at how my psyche will handle this, but am trying not to think about it.)

My trip will be brief, but fun- I'm really looking forward to it! Of course, this deprives me of some prime holiday-related prep time, so I'm trying my best to plan accordingly. I bring this upon myself, after all, I know. I don't have to buy and wrap presents, but I do. I don't have to send out cards, but I do. I don't have to bake, but I do. So, it's all good. (Think positive...think positive...)

Now, totally unrelated: This is what I'll call the tip for a tip segment. I have a handy tip to pass along, and if you could assist me with something, too, I would really appreciate it! My tip: If you don't like junk mail, and you do like trees, head over to GreenDimes. For just a dime a day, they will stop your paper junk mail and plant a tree for you each month! In their first month, 3,220 lbs of junk mail was prevented, 11,272 gallons of water was saved, and more than 4,000 trees were planted! How cool is that?? B and I signed up right away.

Okay, now your tip (if you have one to share): If you are a man, have a man, or know a man who smells really good due to a scent not his own, could you let me know what the appealing bottled fragrance called? He smells just fine, I don't mean to infer anything different, but he is looking for a cologne. (Trust me, I realize that the best thing would be for him to go to Sephora or somewhere and test smells, but considering how often I can drag him to the mall in the first place, I just figured it might be easier if I picked out something that he (and I) might like, and if not, then we could tackle the exchange process.) Problem is-I know nothing of men's fragrances, so I wanted to ask for suggestions. Any and all would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! And Happy Tuesday!


Jennifer said...

I hope you have a good trip and an uneventful plane flight with the peanuts! Yikes, indeed.

Deep breaths about the holiday to you. I've been feeling the same way.

Cora said...

Hugo Boss's "Boss" is yummy. It's my guy's fav and mine too!

Dee said...

Do you know I await this ALL YEAR LONG? Anyway, FYI, I do get stressed too you know, nothing that a little Bing Crosby Christmas won't cure though. Instead of 'think positive' I'm more of a denial, denial kind of gal.

If the flight gets rough just think about my trip on the way home this past year, when the boy DIDN'T make it to the bathroom... at least the peanuts have diapers on, AND emergency change of clothes (which I will promise to carry on the next flight, sorry to NW airlines, serves them right for running out of blankets).

Dee said...

oh, I forgot, about the fragrance, I don't think I would be much help as W always has used Eternity. Not sure if thats up there with the likes of Drakar(hehe, remember,that one? All I can say is that it was a hit at the prom), we are not too trendy with the scents but I don't know if I would enjoy him changing, he's worn it as long as I can remember.
There was a short stint with 'tommy' but I don't think I liked it.

The Stitchin' Sheep said...

Ooh, you happened to have stumbled into my area of expertise... sort of. About a lifetime ago, I worked in the Men's Fragrances department at Dillard's for about 6 months. By far, my favorite, was the one by Jean Paul Gaultier in the bottle shaped like a man's torso. I'd forgotten what it was called, but after googling it, I've relearned it's called Le Male.

I know they've surely come up with tons of new fragrances since then, but, if my husband were the fragrance-wearing type, and he put that stuff on, he wouldn't be able to fight me off. I also liked Farenheit and Donna Karan's thing for men is really unique (I think she was going for a smell that must have reminded her of her father or something - it's got leather and tobacco in it).

A note about buying fragrances for others, though...

different types of scents smell differently on different people. I often thought it was related to skin color, but that's certainly no scientific theory. I just noticed that spicier smells seemed to smell really nice on darker skinned people (not me). Dolce & Gabbana's spicy stuff for ladies always took on a nasty sour smell after a few minutes on my skin. I always had to go with fresh, clean scents or something with a vanilla-like flavor (which, incidentally, men tend to really like, because it supposedly reminds them of Mom cooking when they were little).

My suggestion would be to go to the mall some day, sniff a few interesting looking fragrances (not too many at a time - don't want to overload yourself so you can't smell anything), then ask for samples of each of those. Then, you slyly present those samples to B as if you were randomly snatching up freebies at the store. See which one he seems to like best and you think smells best on him over the course of several days. Because, returning an opened perfume bottle is tricky business. They often come in plastic wrap. Once that seal is broken, I think it'd be pretty hard to return it.

Oh, and totally unrelated...

You had eggplants, right? If they're still alive, you can transplant them to the house and they'll continue to grow nicely in a pot (for year, apparently) and give you eggplant during the winter, if the house is warm enough. I may or may not have mentioned this to you before.

The Stitchin' Sheep said...

Oh my goodness. Didn't realized how long that last comment got. Oops. And, oops again. I just realized it says the eggplant plant could live for "year". Make that years, as in many.

And, by the way, you're doing a very nice thing by flying with your sister. I've done the two kids, one parent thing on an international flight. They did tag-team sleeping on me. I've never been so exhausted and felt so helpless.

Mercedes said...

I recommend Chanel Platinum Egoiste. Very good and I honestly can't stop smelling Rich when he wears it. Miss you all and hope that you are having a great holiday season.

Kat with a K said...

I don't actually have any advice, but yes, it makes SO much more sense that way. :-)