Monday, November 27, 2006

Sewing day

First of all, I just want to say welcome back to those of you subscribed to one of our particular feeds (which is actually most of you) . Bloglines decided it didn't want to pick it up since the Saturday before Thanksgiving. The fun part was that you never would have known about the error message unless you happened to click on our blog name as the error didn't show up on your main blog roll. I don't know about you, but I rarely go around clicking on the blog names in my blog roll when there are no updates noted...unless I'm really, really bored. It also turned out that we weren't the only ones affected. After some investigation, it turned out that if you viewed someone's blog roll from their public profile (if they happened to have one), the error messages showed next to the names of the affected blogs. So besides ours, it looked there were quite a few other having the same problem. But, as Bloglines puts it, our feed has been "reset" so we are back up and running.

So, sewing. Fun! On Saturday, Knitzalot and I (as well as Dr. Nyl, my friend visiting from Australia), headed over to Cora's house for a little sewing 101. Now, one of the funnest things about Cora's house, besides the fact that she really is a supreme hostess (we are talking homemade cookies, people), is her kitties. They have great personalities and are super friendly and love to get involved in what you are doing, including looking through any and all bags you may have brought with you. They thought the sewing paraphernalia made for a great napping spot, too!

We were able to cut out all of our fabric during which time we both realized that lining is a bit tricky.

We also managed to get the majority of our sewing done as well. I brought my sewing machine and we set them up assembly line style in her living room. Both of our skirts need their zippers and their final hemming as well as a bit of embellishment.

Here is a look at what I brought home:

And this is my favorite part:

It looks like a "real" skirt inside! From the preliminary fittings, I think they both are going to turn out great and fit wonderfully. I am really excited and look forward to cutting out the fabric for the next one...which will probably take half as long to sew and cut. Cora was amazing and passed on so much expertise to get us started, we are truly fortunate. I can't wait to share with you the finished skirt! Now, however, it is time to focus on the Deep V vest as next Saturday is our last class and we will be cutting so the knitting HAS TO BE done in time. Please wish me luck that my hands will survive the next week of two handed knitting!


Jennifer said...

The skirt looks fantastic!

Nasus said...

The skirt looks great! And I will send positive thoughts to your hands in preparation for next Saturday :)

Nonnahs said...

Fun! :)

Melissa said...

Damn bloglines!

Your skirt does look very professional... like out of a store!

Kat with a K said...

Ooh, the skirt looks great!

mle said...

Very nice!! I can't believe you did all that in one day!
Good luck with the deep V!

mary said...

I hope you pick up and finish your SKB. We need more of those beautiful sweaters in the world. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Mary :)

Marisa said...

The skirt is looking fantastic! Which pattern did you guys use?

Theresa said...

That looks great!