Thursday, December 07, 2006

10 things for Thursday

1. My Deep V arm holes are crocheted and cut.
2. I tried it on. It is long.
3. I may be able to "shrink it" during the complicated washing and blocking process.
4. I may be cutting off the waist band, removing a bit of the body and reknitting the waste band. Later. When I can deal with it.
5. I'm down to 3 knitting projects for Christmas. I think I can make it.
6. Someone stole one of my new dryer balls out of the machine I was using. I had a feeling that was going to happen. Sometimes people really suck.
7. The good thing is that one dryer ball doesn't do all that much.
8. I still have NO ELECTRICITY in half of my condo unit.
9. Why do I feel as if this wouldn't be happening if we actually owned our unit?
10. I would like to turn off the electricity at the homes of the board members who can't be bothered to unlock the gate so we can re-set our master breaker.

And so this post isn't completely pictureless (or overly negative). I present the following pictures of Jenny. She loves the grass. She LOVES to run (really fast) in the grass. In the first picture, she is airborne.

In the second picture, she is the streak of a dog that is Jenny running full speed past me.

Don't worry she didn't turn into a tater tot since the last time you saw her. It's just a really funny angle. She is still as sleek and svelte as ever.

Happy Thursday. And to Nonnahs, Happy Friday before vacation!


Nasus said...

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?...

Mathaphobic said...

I've noticed tunic sweaters are back. Could it be a tunic vest? Cutting the wasteband off and reknitting gave me the chills.

Cora said...

it's super Jenny!
Can't even think of cutting the waist band - chills, nightmares!

Jeanette said...

Maybe you could just grow a couple of inches. For me, that would be more likely to happen than cutting off a waist band.
Good luck with blocking!

Jennifer said...

Look at Jenny go!

The Stitchin' Sheep said...

Tater tot? No ma'am. That's all muscle there. She's a powerful girl (you know, as far as mini-dachshunds go).

Miriam said...

Hey, you guys are in San Diego, yes? Will you be going to TNNA at all? I'll be down there in Jan. for that and wondered if any of you wanted to meet up or something?