Friday, December 08, 2006

The Good, the Bad, and the Cute

Wow. This has really been my week. I guess it was bound to happen as things had been running pretty smoothly around these parts. And as they say about the Matrix - it just doesn't feel right when there isn't "something" going on.

The good news is that the electricity is back on. The bad news? It could have been on this whole week. Apparently neither B or I knew how to "properly" switch a breaker. The fun part is, it took the maintenance man the building property manager finally sent over 2 seconds to tell us that. Why didn't the electrician our unit property manager uses know that last Friday?

The bad news was yesterday I locked myself out of one of my bank account because I couldn't remember the super obvious passwords I had chosen. (I swear Nonnahs, it is amazing my world doesn't implode with the amount of stuff I can't seem to remember these day!) The good news is that I was able to find my account papers (buried amongst the 10 months of papers I have to file) with all my super obvious passwords on it, which means that now I don't have to go down to the office in person to verify my identity before they'll un-lock my account.

The bad news is that someone decided that the random dog poop left someplace in our building belonged to us and deposited it on our front door mat. (Seriously? Just because there is a dog in a unit, does not mean THAT dog made the poop...especially a poop that was clearly NOT made by a mini dachshund). The good news? High and Mighty Jerk who left it there, had to touch the poop to put it there. Ha!

The good news is that despite our current financial woes (aka the bad news), we have a plan. And I think as long as we can make it until Wednesday, we'll be ok. Not great, but Ok. And the good news on top of this? I have a stash. And I plan on using it. (At least I better, because the shocked looks I keep getting when people catch sight of it for the first time are starting to get a little embarrassing.)

And finally, the good news is that my friend Dr. Nyl who so kindly hosted us on our trip to Australia summer before last, is moving back to San Diego! And you know what? She's a knitter now, too!
The only bad news about this is that she won't be back until end of February/beginning of March. Although if next year is anything like this year, that will be here before you know it. Hopefully she will find the low humidity here in San Diego more knitting-friendly that Brisbane. She may also be a sock knitter convert. While she was here after Thanksgiving, she picked up her first Addi Turbo and Koigu for a little Magic Loop sock magic. Not being much of a sock wearer herself, she was planning to make these for her mom. That was at least until she tried on a handknit sock. I tried to tell her that handknit socks are unlike anything else, but until you put one on, you really don't understand. So I had her try on my only non-eaten sock, which she promptly wore for the rest of the evening. I was able to catch this picture as B was in the middle of showing her a plethora of our vacation pictures. Hopefully, her first pair of Koigu socks will be the first of many to come!


Nasus said...

Sounds like a VERY tough week. Here's a big cyber-hug! [ ] :)

Jennifer said...

I hope you have a peaceful weekend after such a rough week.

mle said...

what a rough week! I hope your weekend is better!
I agree with have know idea until you actually wear hand made makes me feel like royalty.

Nonnahs said...

OMG, you're going to have to fill me in on the drama. Oy! PS: what is it with crotchety neighbors/dog poop accusers??

amanda cathleen said...

urgh what a week! Take a good roll in your stash, you'll feel better! ((hugs))

Theresa said...

And this, my friends, is why we stash!

Hilari said...

Nice sock! I'm on my second pair - wool. Hope they come out as nice as yours!