Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Weirdo Wednesday: Loopy AND Weird

Hey, speak for yourself, lady!

Well, after thoroughly enjoying reading about the weirdness of others from people's "Six Weird Things About Me" lists, I thought it was about time I divulge six weird things about me. Narrowing it down to just six was a bit of an arduous task, but it should provide a nice sampling.

1. When I eat certain food (such as burgers, sandwiches, toast, and Reese's peanut butter cups, just to name a few), I eat around the edges first, and then the inside. The inside is where all the good stuff lies, so I like to get the less tasty parts ( i.e. crust, edges of sandwiches where the filling may not make it to the edge, etc.) out of the way first and savor the yummy inside nuggets for last.

1a. I always spread butter, jam, peanut butter, and other bread/toast toppings all the way to the edges of the toast. B, on the other hand, just does that little dab in the center of the slice. And yet, he eats the entire thing. I stare, perplexed.

2. I avoid driving in the fast lane or carpool lane, or any lane on the freeway (on one stretch of the 405 South near the 10, it happens to be to the right of the slow lane) that is right up against a wall. It makes me nervous that I'll get side-swiped from some vehicle in the lane next to me, which will slam me crashing into the wall. Normally I'm not claustrophobic, but I am on freeways. I also don't like driving next to huge trucks, especially male overcompensation vehicles (you know the ones) and semis.

3. I hope this won't gross anyone out, but I rarely ever brush or comb my hair. This has been the case since...I don't even remember when. I don't know if it's because I like to take the term "low-maintenance" to new levels, or because I'm just blessed with untangly hair, but the only time I might utilize that object called a brush is when I'm blow-drying my hair...another rare occurrence.

4. Most of the time, I do my own nails, but whenever I do opt for a professional manicure or pedicure, I prefer to cut my nails before going to the nail salon. (Kind of like the people who clean their house before the maid comes over to clean.) I'm afraid they'll hack off too much, thereby injuring me or causing a hangnail. No fun.

5. I won't drink out of those squirty tops of "sports bottle" water bottles. Something about it is creepy to me. Not to mention, the slurpy sound it makes when people drink out of it. Instead, I treat it like any other (normal) cap top and unscrew the whole thing off and then drink out of the bottle. Note: I don't buy these kinds of water bottles if I can help it.

6. I have the hardest time coming up with usernames and passwords for things like online accounts, and yet I have an uncanny ability to come up with names for people, pets, and inanimate objects in the blink of an eye.

So, now you know. I hope we can still be friends.


Mary-Heather said...

I'm laughing at the Sports Bottle thing! That's funny. It's a fun meme, isn't it?

Dee said...

hey, I don't brush my hair anymore either! I do have to blow dry my bangs though, because of my fabulous cowlick... (in contrast, c-girl has 7 brushes)

Mouse said...

I don't brush my hair either.. just run my fingers through it to untangle it after I get out of the shower. I absolutely HATE the sound those bottles make.. I always say that people look like gerbils (sucking on a water tube in their cage) when they are drinking out of them.

Jennifer said...

I hardly brush my hair either. It's the curly (well now wavy) factor.

Shelley said...

Eeeeuuuwwwww! Nah ... just kidding. I don't brush or comb MY hair either! Must be the thing. I think your weirdness is very tame!

Monica said...

I don't like the sports bottle tops, either. I don't like putting my whole mouth over it, and the weird suction thing that happens. And when I try any other way than the one you use, I dribble water all over myself. :P

Ashley said...

The slurpy sound! It is the grossest sound ever. HATE.