Sunday, June 03, 2007

Green, Yellow and...Black?

I wanted to post a Project Spectrum update before the end of May (the end of the second color group), but I've been fighting with the light. Once again, I'm still not happy with these photo representations of the Manos I've been using for my Four Seasons Blanket, but you will get the idea. Since April and May were green, yellow and pink. I worked up the following squares.

"Zigzag" in Citric (68)

"Textured Rib" in Olive (55)

"Dashes" in Goldenrod (40)

I also worked up a couple more since this project has been more fun than I expected. But I figure if I don't finish the blanket before Project Spectrum is over, I'll just continue to share them as they fit in with the colors of those months. June and July are red, metallics and black, so I'll only be contributing in the red family for this 2 month period. But I'm really looking forward to knitting the red I have, in fact it was the first color I picked out for the blanket!

Today's trip to the park was not as tranquil and relaxing as usual.

I don't know what it is, but police with weapons drawn tend to take the "ahhhhh" out of Sunday.


Hilari said...

egads! where were those police? taking down wayward marathoners?

The Stitchin' Sheep said...

Were you taking cover behind that big tree? I'm thinking this means your park might be in a bad neighborhood. Perhaps it's time to find a new park???

The knitting looks great, though.

Anonymous said...

Love those squares!

Jennifer said...

Ok, cops with guns definitely puts a damper on a weekend park trip. Scary!

Lovely squares.

amanda cathleen said...

great textures! The first one is my fav.