Sunday, July 08, 2007

Vacation re-cap: Idyllwild

Before I go on to tell you about our trip, I first want to say thank you. We set up this blog a little more than two years ago as a way to keep up on our knitting projects when Nonnahs moved to LA. I am sure that I can speak for the three of us when I say that we NEVER dreamed it would bring us close to so many friends, both now in-person friends and on-line friends. And it is the times when we need a little *hug*, whether in person or through nice comments, that you remember how big this community really is. I am especially thankful for you all because you were here for Nonnahs when I couldn't be. I was dutifully checking my cell phone all week for messages to see if she had found out anything from the doctors and it kept saying no messages, so I figured all must be well. It wasn't until we got back into San Diego that I realized that my phone hadn't really been on the network and therefore I hadn't been notified about my new messages. I feel horrible about not being able to be there for my friend all week, but it made me feel so good to see all of your wonderful your comments to Nonnahs and B, for just being there and offering your support. You guys are the best!

So what is a good segue to talk about my vacation?...seems kinda stupid now, really. But, here it goes - we did have a good time and I did get a lot of things done while doing absolutely nothing. We stayed from last Sunday though mid-day today up in Idyllwild, CA. We rented a cabin thought this great site that puts you in touch with privately-owned rentals all over the world. It was a great experience. The place was exactly the way it was described. The transaction was smooth and best yet, it was home away from home for the last week. Even Jenny thought so!

Here's a peak at the living area:

We watched a lot of TV. I think I may have watched more TV in the last week than I have all year. But, we had a great time doing it and that's what this vacation is all about. Besides, it was really fun to see Tom Selleck in shorty shorts. Ha!

Jenny took up station by the back screen door to watch for squirrels:

"What? I'm not going to chase them...just let me outside and I'll show you." Right.

I finally got to cast-on for my Koigu Seraphim:

I may have turned this stack of fabric into the start of the Amy Butler Patchwork Throw from In Stitches. (A pair of her lounge pants may have also materialized.)

I finally made it to the last of the Narnia books. (I am reading them for the first time.) Um, wow. These would be really interesting to dissect in a book club-type discussion.

Many walks were taken in which this dog came home this dirty:

Jenny's never had so many baths in one week in her life. Scratch that. There was that first week we were crate training her when she was a puppy. She 'may' have had as many back then, but it would be close. We also realized this trip that while Jenny is playful and spunky and rarely acts her age, we truly share our lives with a senior dog. We had to be especially careful in the crazy heat from last week. It really took it out of her and she wasn't able to walk for very long without getting overheated. So, although we didn't hike nearly as much as we wanted, we still all had a good time.

And saw some amazing scenery:

We also enjoyed the town of Idyllwild. We went out to dinner one night as well as had iced teas (and knitted) at Cafe Aroma one afternoon. We also walked the town, browsed the shops and even saw a movie last night. (Totally cute btw.)

So now that this respite is over, it is back to the grind for both of us. B starts Chem Lab tomorrow and I go back to the office, which I may soon need to refer to as THE OFFICE because I think I may have to live there for the rest of the month. Ugh!

But it is good to be back and I hope to one day get caught up on my blog reading...but for tonight, a little wine and some cheese and maybe a little non-italian-whole-foods sanctioned prosciutto.


Janelle said...

Oh, I love Idyllwild! My husband and I used to camp up there at the county campground at least once a year, camping and rock climbing. I was just thinking the other day that the kids are old enough now for camping, it's time for a trip to Idyllwild! We don't cook many meals on the fire, we're always walking in to town to eat, because it's all so good. It looks like you had a great trip.

Krista said...

Sounds great. Wait! Did you actually finish an entire quilt? I'm impressed. I started one when pregnant with K (over six years ago) and it's never gotten done (not even for the other two kids).

Jennifer said...

It looks like you had a nice time! Do I spy an Amelie T-shirt?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had a good vacay...and I'm so glad you're back! xo

mle said...

LOVE the quilt top!
I'm glad your vacation wasn't spoiled too much by all the heat!

Marisa said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful trip!! And what a great job on the quilt!

Nasus said...

Welcome back! Glad that you had a great time :)