Monday, October 01, 2007

Manos Blanket

I managed to finish my Four Seasons Throw just in time for the wrap up of this year's Project Spectrum. I couldn't have asked for better timing if I had planned for it! Oh wait, that WAS the plan! I'm just surprised it actually worked out that way. I generally intend for things to progress on a certain schedule but it rarely seems to actually turn out that way (I have yet to actually complete a Sexy Knitters Club KAL on time).

Manos Blanket

As for the blanket, the final count is 12 different Manos colorways in 12 different pattern blocks. I chose to make my own version of this blanket using the pattern booklet as a guideline rather than one of the patterns provided. This ended up working out well, but there were a *quite* a few times I was afraid I was going to end up with a swampy mess. And given the investment this blanket represents (even with 1/2 the hanks purchased on sale or gifts), that was not acceptable.

Manos Blanket

Fortunately the addition of the Canyon (102) colorway (kindly picked up for me by Nonnahs at that amazing Blacksheep Knittery 50% off sale) was the key to pulling it all together.

Manos Blanket

Other colors included: Mallard (36), Flame (115), Moss (112), Bing Cherry (M), Thrush (37), Cinnamon (V), Citric (68), Thistle (41), Goldenrod (40), Olive (55), and Aster (38).

As for blocking...I was somewhat concerned if Manos would bleed, so I gave each finished strip of four squares a vinegar bath prior to it's wash. I then wet-blocked each strip to final measurements, which for me were ~14X14.5 (I let the blanket tell me what size it wanted to be). This blanket also taught me that I've been seaming garter stitch (very) wrongly. I had NO idea that you could seam garter side to side, flush. Unfortunately, I only found this out after seaming 5 of the 8 seams. Of course. But, they are all nice and flush now and I have had lots of time to practice this new skill!

Manos Blanket

Also as you can see, it's a good sized blanket. At least, it's big enough to cover me kiddy-corner during nap time. I know this because it was soon as it was sewn together. Something that Jenny was very happy about.

Manos Blanket

Overall, I would give this project a big thumbs up! It is perfect if you are concerned about your ability to make it through a blanket project without getting bored. The color changes and pattern changes kept it interesting. The biggest downside is the price. HOWEVER, if you plan ahead and buy the squares as you go or as you can, it is much more affordable and worth every penny. Finally, I want to thank Lickety Knit again for the inspiration for this project. It really has been a fun knit.


Nonnahs said...

It's gorgeous...and no doubt will keep you nice and warm this winter. Congrats again!

Nasus said...


knitzalot said...

Lovely! I should get started on mine...if only the weather would cool down a little.

Krista said...

I can tell I'm going to be so happy wrapped up in all those colors. Good thing it'll be coldish when I visit. I might be able to sneak a few minutes under it while I'm there. You may want to do a random baggage check before I leave, though.

Aren't you worried little Jenny's nails are going to snag it?

ichun said...

The colors really work well together. Congrats on finishing.

mle said...

Oh I love it!! it looks so cozy and cuddly! I want one!

Octopus Knits said...

It turned out great! Nice size, and great colors.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful! I bet it's so warm and cuddly too.

Theresa said...

Gorgeous! Congratulations on such a large project!

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh, yours came out BEAUTIFULLY!! You're absolutely right -- that one square of Canyon elevates the whole thing to a new level. It is really quite striking.

Enjoy years and years of use out of it!

marisa said...

Simply lovely.

Sven said...

Good Job! :)