Thursday, November 08, 2007

10 things for Thursday

I feel like it's been forever since I posted anything. Things have been normal, projects are progressing, I've just had some trouble sitting down and focusing. So, since it is still Thursday, and I seem to like to do my random posts on Thursday, that's what you're gonna get. Lucky you ;-)

1. I realized that Ravelry has another great purpose (or at least it does this holiday season), I can load and keep track of my gift knitting without the recipients ever being the wiser!

2. Gift knitting will be light this year. I don't think I could go a whole season without doing any, but I've selected a few people because inspiration has been kind to me.

3. I've got three of the four gift projects started. And the fourth is just waiting for the right project/yarn combo to get sorted out.

4. My local "Self Storage" turned itself into "Elf Storage" this week by taking out their 'S' light. This is a proud annual tradition and now it signals the start of the holiday season for me.

5. As Nonnahs showed earlier this week, it is always nice to have your knitted items appreciated. And sometimes you even get an opportunity to see that appreciation in a way you never expected. I present Exhibit A:

What you are looking at is a moving box of a friend of mine, the same friend who was the recipient of the Gryffindor scarf I made last year. I am completely honored that the scarf wasn't just included in his "clothes", but actually got it's own itemization "HP scarf". And although I am sad to see him leave San Diego, I'm glad he is going someplace he will be able to use this scarf more!

6. I was Daedalus for Halloween to Nasus's K's Icarus. We made everything. I even made the toga/robes out of cheap Ikea sheets. I decided to take the fact that no one really seemed to think anything of the costumes as a complement (i.e.: they thought we bought them).

(Mim, you would have been so proud ;-)

7. Our costumes were part of our random-annual office nerd olympics. Competition is in full force and we are currently in the lead. (Yay!) The costumes were connected with our team name "Broken Wings". We thought it was clever, but apparently others not so much.

8. I am trying to get a submission of Jenny photos turned into the Daily Grown-Up Puppy.

9. If ever there was a grown-up puppy, it's Jenny. She rarely acts her age and only her sensitivity to heat gives her years away.

10. And finally, speaking of Jenny's age...she's going to be 10 on Sunday (which also happens to be her favorite day of the week)! She's as beautiful as ever, I say! The gray just adds to her spunk and vitality. Happy (early) birthday, Jenny!


Krista said...

I love random posts! You learn so much about a person from them, I think.

Can't wait to see Jenny. It's been a long time. It'll be fun to take her to the park on Sunday with the kids (do tell her to watch out for them, though - they can be a bit wild for a tame ole girl like her).

Cora said...

I never would've guessed Jenny was 10! She must follow my grandma's creed, "age is only a state of mind". Go Jenny!
Loved the costumes for Broken Wings! HaHa!! Does that make me the daughter of a Latin teacher or what?!

Nasus said...

Happy birthday to the spunky Lady Jenny! And oh, the feathers...(do you think K reacted to those, making his face puffy?) :)

qwyrxian said... olympics the year _after_ I leave....hope it's fun and you really finish this year!

Rachel said...

Elf Storage is very cute and funny, but I'm wondering what it means. Is that where they keep the elves during the off season -- just stacked up in the storage lockers? Or are the elves themselves using the storage place as a distribution center, stockpiling all the gifts ahead of time for quicker regional delivery on Christmas Eve? These are important questions. :)