Thursday, March 20, 2008

Glimpses of Spring

First, thanks so much for the comments on the Lucas beanie/bootie set! I can't wait to gift it away and see it modeled. :)

Second, today is the first day of March Madness. Go Bruins!

Last but certainly not least, it's the first day of spring. Let the happy dance commence!

Lucky for me, I don't have to go far to find evidence that spring has arrived. All I need to do is step outside, into our yard. The fig tree, mere sticks and bare branches over the past few months, is starting to sprout leaves. This sight makes me very happy!

And the Jasmine, which has taken over an entire fence, is in full bloom. The fragrance is breathtaking- I just love it!

I have to say, spring is my favorite season. The weather in SoCal right now is just how I like it- still cool (but not cold), the air on a good day is clear and crisp, and it's sunny and bright out. The only downside is that all the pollen in the air is killing me with my allergies, but I'll take it as a necessary evil, pop another Claritin and be fine.

Happy First Day of Spring! What signals spring for you?


LizKnits said...

Happy spring to you too! My neighbor has a huge citrus tree and the orange blossoms are what is just amazing to me right now. We are so ready for spring and summer we've already planted our veggie garden and can't wait to start the harvest.

tentenknits said...

Beautiful Shots!! I would say that my allergies signal Spring ;-) haha! but really - when I see the tulip buds coming up from the ground - that's when I get Spring fever!

mary said...

Go Bruins! Yay, another Bruin friend! What signals spring for me? The inexplicable urge to cast on something with cotton or a cotton blend.

Ruinwen said...

Such beautiful flowers. Spring begins for me when the cherry blossoms bloom. Where I grew up the cherry trees lined the streets in archways of pink. It made me feel like a faerie princess. :)

fluffbuff said...

I have the same kind of jasmine plant in front of my house and I was just thinking yesterday how that makes it feel like springtime. :)

f. pea said...

I love how the first day of spring has set all the nature-loving bloggers to twittering! We are like a branchful of songbirds. Hello from my fig tree to yours!

Jennifer said...

The blossoms on the trees, and the nice spring breezes are what signal spring to me. The blossoms are killing me too. Unfortunately, my allergies laugh in the face of Claritin. *sigh*

Madge said...

Aah, happy spring to you, too! (sorry I'm a few days late)

What signals it for me? Buds on the crape myrtle in the front yard, and the vitex in its pot in the back. The smell of mock orange, citrus, and jasmine blossoms - YUM. The chives busting out in their bed.