Monday, July 28, 2008

FO: Ruby Red

I just love when I can roll out an FO. This one is special because it is for a friend/co-worker's birthday. It's a milestone b-day, but I won't disclose the number. Even though you don't know her, it doesn't feel quite right to out a gal's age, you know? ;)

Ruby Red
Pattern: Silk Purse by Veronik Avery from Knitting Classic Style
Yarn: Tilli Tomas Disco Lights (spun silk with sequins) in 179 (American Beauty) - less than one skein
Needles: US1

I had a little bit of trouble finding the right yarn for this project. I wanted silk and I wanted red, since red is the recipient's signature color. I finally saw this in a LYS and, although the sequins intimidated me somewhat (I'm not a sequins kind of girl, though this wouldn't be for me, so) I decided to try it out. And you know what? I like it! And I think my friend will like it too. She is all about accessorizing. Okay, so it would just end up being a glitzier bag than originally intended!

Modifications: Thanks to everyone who commented and made me feel okay about turning this sucker inside out, that's just what I did. (She'll never know! Shh...) The stitch pattern is just so much more defined when seen this way, and I really like the texture. I also lengthened the main section of the purse a little. This little purse actually makes me happy- sparkly little thing that it is. I hope the birthday girl likes it!

And moving on to the WIP Report section of the day's affairs...I finished all the pieces to Oatmeal. Now I just need to psyche myself up for seaming (easier said than done)! Added motivation, however, is that the recipient of this little sweater was born just last week Wednesday and he is adorable! Don't worry, Henry (ps: is this a redonkulously cute name, or what?), your sweater is almost finished!

Oh, and what's this? Yes, I started a new project. I decided that I needed an easy take-along project, one that can live in my super cute Ravelry veggie bag and travel with me at a moment's notice. And, I decided, it was high time I knit something for myself! And so, I started a pair of Tidepool Socks by my ever talented and fabulous friend, Mary-Heather Cogar.

This drool-worthy yarn is Lori Lawson's Capistrano Fiber Arts Studio Hand-Dyed superwash merino that I purchased from last year's trip to the SoCal Fiber Festival last year. I'm at a loss for words on the colorway. Love (1) doesn't even scratch the surface!

I'm calling these Pupukea, after tidepools I used to frequent as a child back home. They will always remind me of summers at the North Shore and of my friend MH. Fond memories all around.

PS: My mom's birthday was yesterday, she would have been 62. Just thinking about her (as always).


Kate said...

The purse looks wonderful, and so do the WIPs! I love the yarn you're using for those socks. Sending hugs your way for your mom's birthday - birthdays and anniversaries are hard. Hope you're doing well

kat coyle said...

wonderful knits. i am sure your friend will love the bag, it is beautiful! big hugs from me too for your mom's birthday.

LotusKnits said...

wow that purse is gorgeous!!


Disentangled said...

the little bag came out so cute! and i can't wait to see ziggy all put together.

and a big happy birthday to mom from me. i know i never met her, but i do think her daughter's the best! :-)

tiennie said...

Your projects are all fantastic! That's a cute purse.

Lolly said...

such a cute little sparkly bag!
and that yarn for the socks is perfect. I was actually thinking of casting on for these too for PS's water element... :)

Madge said...

*big bear hugs*

So much knit goodness in this post. Mmmm. The bag is totally glam...and cables...LL's yarn...what a feast!