Sunday, July 06, 2008

My Life in Pictures

Or at least 365 days of it...or, at least 7 days of it to start with.

With an optimistic outlook, I decided to participate in the knitterly and crafty version of the 365 days project on flickr. I got the idea from Mary-Heather, then Lori and I talked about it and she started, then I started right around the same time as Ms. Lick My Sticks and Ms. Lotus Knits. It's so much fun to be jumping in "with" friends! If anyone else is interested, it's never too late!

There are many incarnations of the 365 project. The one that appealed to me the most is 365 days of self portraits. I have to be in the photo somewhere and I have to be the one taking the photo- though tripod* and self-timer assistance is allowed. I don't especially like photos of myself (does anyone?) so this will be extra challenging, also so because for the most part I feel like I lead a pretty mundane, routine life. I look forward to finding at least 365 interesting "me" shots, glimpses into my day to day life to document in photos. So far I've come up with these.

First row, left to right: 365.1 - my daily commute, 365.2 - i'm home!, 365.3 - pointy, 365.4 - so sleepy. Second row, left to right: 365.5 - a simple bow, 365.6 - sara's party, 365.7 - workin' on the invites, and a bonus: NOT a fan of fireworks.

re: the bonus pic...(I'm not sure how well you can see it, but that dark mass is the backside of Dakota, sticking out from behind B.) Our next door neighbor's kids lit fireworks all day on Friday, some alarmingly close to our house. Poor Doogles. He was so scared, more so than usual. He was literally trembling, trying to find the smallest possible space to crawl into. This is where he seemed the most "comfortable," although I use that term very loosely. *sigh* Poor guy.

Sorry for the bad quality. Over the next 365 days the plan is to develop and improve my photography skills, to include among other things, indoor/flash situations. Hmm, maybe if I get really good, I can justify an SLR! :) Anyway, it should be interesting, and I've definitely been enjoying it so far. Wish me luck sticking with it...365 days, after all, is a long time!

* Many thanks to MH for not only inspiring me to give this a whirl, but also for leading me to a most excellent gadget, my new gorillapod! I love this thing!


Marnie said...

Oooh Doogles. Your sister in scared sends a hug.
Stoopid kids.

LotusKnits said...

That's exactly why I'm doing 365 too! I suck at photography and my patience is always pretty thin with stuff I don't do well, so I'm forcing myself to learn. We'll have plenty of learning experience after this!

tentenknits said...

love the pics!! so sorry your doggie got scared, not fun!

Disentangled said...

Fun! I can't wait to see the other 358!

karen said...

Great start!
If you want to make your 365 much easier, try the XShot. It's a camera extender, pretty cool to make self portraits. It works like a telescopic monopod, you just attach your digital camera or video camera to it, set the self timer, extend, aim and smile: you'll easily be in the picture, with a background or other people, depending on what you want.
I love it...Check it out at
Keep doing your 365, it's really worth it.

dee said...

that sounds like fun - i'm never in any pics around here (always the one taking pics - and i dont even know where my tripod is!)

poor doogles! I think ollie is immune to loud noise for some reason :)

Shelley said...

I am SO lucky that Tink doesn't even seem to notice loud noises.

Hey ... so are you getting excited? Getting married is lots of fun. Where are the dress pictures??!!!

Erin said...

Those are some great pictures. I wish I had the energy to do a 365 photo project.

kim said...

Oh, I never looked at 365 that way before. Maybe I should look into it, as my photo-taking has been severely lacking lately and my skills (such as they are) have atrophied.