Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Cozy Crochet

Crochet Kit
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This is the little treat I picked up for myself. I saw this at my LYS and realized it was the crochet companion kit to the knitting kit that my friends and I learned to knit with. I really liked the format of the kit which came with an instruction book (although we did end up supplementing the knitting instructions with the SnB book) and project cards that are easy to take with you to the yarn shop.

So, when I saw this I wanted it - but at $22 is was a little steep for me. Then, I got a notice about it through Amazon where it was marked $15. So, I thought - hey, what the heck! There are quite a few cute projects, though I know I will never make some of them and it also came with an assortment of started hooks and practice yarn. I'll let you know once I try out the instructions, but so far it looks pretty cool!

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Nonnahs said...

Cute! Well, I think I'll probably stick with knitting for a while, at least until I feel like I've kind of mastered that, but I do want to learn to crochet too. Let us know how it goes!