Monday, October 24, 2005

Weekend Update (not the SNL kind)

My first thought was that I hadn't done a whole lot over the weekend, but looking back, I did actually accomplish quite a bit. Dinner with my girls on Thursday night at a very yummy, legit Japanese restaurant started off the weekend. (If only they could all start off that way!) It was so wonderful (as always) get together. Even though we don't have as many opportunities anymore, I'm so glad and thankful that we are still able to meet up every now and then. It means a lot. I love you girls!

On Friday, I went to take Darby in for an oil change (nothing else this time, thank goodness), and and then I went and got my hair did (it's now a little shorter and a little choppier at the bottom- I like it). After that, I did a little bit of stupid shopping. And by stupid, I mean it was fun, but I bought dumb things like another pair of flip flops, another long sleeved t-shirt, and another cardigan, instead of what I went for (pants and other Fall/Winter-ish work clothes and shoes). I missed yoga class, but given all the other things I was able to accomplish, I felt okay about it. I am looking forward to yoga this Friday, though!

On Saturday, I cooked a pot roast and B and I had my sister and brother-in-law (wow, that's so fun to say) over for dinner and a movie. It was delish, if I do say so myself! It had been a while since I had last made a roast, so I was relieved. There's nothing worse than cooking for people nd having it not turn out.

My big knitting accomplishment over the weekend was the pair of little baby booties that I whipped up for a friend's very-soon-to-be new baby in the same Blue Sky Organic Cotton that I used to make the umbilical cord hat. I'm not sure what possessed me- I wasn't really planning to make booties, but it was one of those last minute inspirations. I searched for (and found) a very easy pattern- they knit up so quickly (I was thrilled) and turned out pretty cute (although I will probably modify the pattern the next time, just you know, because). I'll post a pic before I ship out the package.

So, that was my weekend. Not bad. :) Still yet to be accomplished: pants, shoes, a Halloween costume...

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Nasus said...

I'm glad that everything went well with Darby and the pot roast :) After reading your and Dis' posts, I'm seriously wondering if I should just drop out of school and knit!