Wednesday, November 16, 2005

French Wine

My brother-in-law is a vintner in France and he operates a family owned vineyard and winery. He believes that the job of a vintner is to let the wine make itself. He doesn't force it to fit some pre-determined characteristics. What is sad, is that this way of making wine is quickly disappearing as large wineries buy up the small independent farms and convert them into producers of generic wine. It is important to support independent wineries so we don't lose the unique characteristics that each part of the world, each type of soil and each climate can produce.

To help support this movement (and his business), he has been working really hard at bringing more of his wine to the U.S. We just found out that his wine can now be purchased online here. There is a description of the wine that is available. It doesn't match up to what you are used to seeing in the states (chardonnay, Pinot, etc.), but it is a great dry white wine. You will have to check the rules about shipping to your area, but it's a great opportunity to try a truly yummy wine from an amazingly beautiful part of the world.

P.S. You can read more about life on their farm and in France through my sister-in-law's blog: Stitchin' Sheep.

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