Sunday, August 20, 2006

An Unlikely Model

For the 6th and final Amazing Lace challenge, I searched far and wide for the most unlikely model for Forest Floor. I briefly contemplated the hot dog vendor at my office or maybe one of the BMX riders B rides with. But in the end, Forest Floor was hesitant to get greasy or sweaty in the name of this competition. Then it hit me. The "it" sculpture.

This lovely piece of artwork is a true "Dis-creation". Constructed as part of the office nerd Olympics I often participate in, "It" ended up coming out looking nothing like the image in my head. And as the clay dried, "It's" face became more and more lop-sided and disturbing. But, I made it and it just seems odd to chuck it into the garbage. So, against all sensibilities, "It" is proudly displayed among our other "treasures" in our dining room display case. Yup. We get to look at this beauty for every meal...maybe that is why we end up eating on the couch most nights...

Well, needless to say "It" was so delighted to finally take center stage, that it really got into the whole modeling experience. Forest Floor was only mildly amused, but put up with its shenanigans.

And now that we are at the end of the Amazing Lace Challenges, it is time to award the final point in Team Distopia's lace-off. Although Oceania is now a beautiful finished object and that should really be worth something, Forest Floor has tempted me once again with her softness and striking color. Plus, she did just get draped across a pretty strange looking sculpture. So, with that being said, the final, and winning point, goes to Forest Floor.

Point Total:
Oceania - 2
Forest Floor - 3

The challenges have been fun and I am pretty sure I will never look at my lace in the same way again! Thanks to Theresa and Rachel for hosting this fun little activity.


Deb said...

"It" looks lovely! So does your lace.

The Stitchin' Sheep said...

I think we can happily say that it doesn't look at all like it was modelled after B. It looks kind of prehistoric, though, so not too bad in that way.

Debby said...

I'm impressed -- you made your model AND your knitted lace! Extra points for that!!!

Jennifer said...

Hey, at least you made something that somewhat looks like a person. I'd be draping a shawl over a shapeless lump of clay.

I love that color!

christine said...


Nonnahs said...

OMG, this simultaneoulsy cracked me up and freaked me out. Way to go!